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Home-based job is now being one of the many choices people can have to primarily earn money for a living or for an extra. Considering the convenience in staying at the comfort of your home, especially if you have children or mainly taking advantage of your expertise like computer programming, language tutoring, data encoding and more, without thinking of the hassle of commuting, tied work shifts, and having lesser quality time with the family members.

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Online workers are paid through many ways: bank or wire transfers, money-sending (through the services provided by Western Union, LBC, etc.) or online payment portals like Paypal.

After earning your salary from the days of work, you need to fill in the fridge, pay the bills, or get some new clothes or enjoy the weekend with family and watch the latest movies or go shopping for toys for the kids. Unless you are paid through bank transfers or remit the money being sent, shopping malls and stores don’t accept Paypal funds payment.

What are you going to do? Need not to worry. That is where PesoExchanger comes in, and help is on the way.


PesoExchanger is a DTI-certified company administered by Bien Daryl F. Castanares, offering online funding services since 2008. Its main operation is the Paypal to cash exchange, which most clients are home-based Paypal earners, online merchants and OFWs.

PesoExchanger also offers Paypal funding services for those who want to purchase or pay their bills online without disclosing any financial information like your credit card details.

Safe, reliable and trustworthy transactions

Aside from the fact that PesoExchanger is a registered, DTI-certified company (their business is legal), transactions are to be made verified through their customer service-oriented agents asking you documents and details to make your service request valid and safe.

We have a smooth and secured transaction with PesoExchanger so we recommend them to our readers. PesoExchanger is also our online partner.

Flexibility of Service

As its main service to exchange Paypal funds to cash, PesoExchanger also offers money remittance services and bank payment options. From the wide range of banks to choose from, PesoExchanger caters service requests through these available banks:

– Unionbank of the Philippines (UBP/Unionbank)
– Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
– Banco de Oro (BDO)
– Landbank of the Philippines (LBP/Landbank)
– China Banking Corporation (CBC/Chinabank)
– Metrobank and Trust Company (MBTC/Metrobank)

For more details about their services, logon to the Official PesoExchanger website. Join the Official PesoExchanger Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter (@PesoExchanger).

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