Strategic HR Series: The Essentials of HR Law (ARIVA! Academy Cebu)

ARIVA! Events Management, Inc. will be having a half day learning session and seminar at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Salinas Drive, Cebu City, on July 26, 2013.

The Essentials of HR Law

July 26, 2013
AM Learning Session
8:30 AM to 12:00 NN
1 Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines

Don’t Put Your Organization at Risk! Make Sure Every Step You Take is Legally Sound & Compliant. Get a new perspective on your HR challenges and new tools for meeting them confidently and legally!

Your company needs additional manpower. How do you recruit them? What are the new modalities of outsourcing without running afoul with the law and regulations? What are the different types of employees? How do you contract out temporary employees? How do you relate Article 106 on job contracting with the new D. O. 18-A? What’s a coop worker? How does she/he differ from a service contract worker? This burning issue on ‘casualization’ of the work force that jumps out in today’s headlines will be discussed in depth in this seminar.

What are the grounds for terminations? How do you deal with problematic employees? How do you satisfy the substantive and procedural due process? When the economic crunch is on, or when there is re-engineering/restructuring, streamlining, merger/ consolidation or automation in your organization, and you want to cut down your manpower to the right size, how do you do it without violating the law or causing low morale to your remaining employees? How do you help displaced workers?
What is sexual harassment in the workplace? What constitutes sexual harassment? What are the liabilities of management if it fails to act on complaints of sexual harassment?

When a union knocks at the door of your company, what would you do if top management does not want third party intervention in dealing with its employees? What is unfair labor practice (ULP)? When does an employer or his/her representatives commit ULP? What is the civil/criminal liability if an employer or his/her representatives commit ULP?

What are the essential features of the new Labor Relations law (R. A.9481) What are its effects to organized and unorganized companies? What are the pre-conditions required of a strike? What’s the law on picketing? What makes a strike illegal? What are the effects of an illegal strike?

There’s no end to the legal pitfalls you face every day on the job, and as a human resources professional, you’re expected to stay on top of it all.
Meeting these challenges require continuing education that keeps you abreast of the latest legal changes along with the best employment practices. That is why this seminar is so important.

In one information-packed seminar, you’ll learn what you need to know to handle the legal issues and gray areas you face every day. You’ll also learn how to think like a lawyer, so you can anticipate and sidestep problems before they arise.

This alone is well worth the price of the seminar. If you deal with the legal issues surrounding human resources as an HR professional – or even as a manager or supervisor – you need to enroll today!

Learning Session Description

The half-day learning session will discuss in depth the latest trends in labor jurisprudence. What’s the latest doctrine or principle of law enunciated by the Supreme Court on employment, wages, working conditions, health, safety and social welfare, labor relations and terminations?

The learning session will also discuss the importance of the doctrine of stare decisis, the reverence for precedence on decisions of the Supreme Court. Stare decisis which is Latin means “stand by the decision” is legal phrase referring to the obligation of courts to honor past precedents. Respect of or adherence to precedents is such that these decisions are applicable to similar cases in the future. Case law or decisions of the Supreme Court that establish doctrines – like bills enacted by Congress and approved by the President – form part of the law of the land.

Every people manager must be aware of every ‘case law.’ Knowing these case laws is as important as knowing labor laws and department orders, circulars, and other issuances of DOLE themselves.

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