BDO ADVISORY: Download BDO Mobile Apps only from official App Stores

BDO Unibank is advising its clients to download its mobile apps only from official app store platforms to ensure the security of data.

BDO ADVISORY: Download BDO Mobile Apps only from official App Stores | CebuFinest

BDO ADVISORY: Download BDO Mobile Apps only from official App Stores

The Bank’s mobile apps, namely, BDO Digital Banking, BDO Pay, BDO Deals, BDO Securities Mobile App, BDO Checkout, BDO Merchant, and BDO Unibank SG, can be downloaded for free from:

Google Play Store
Apple App Store
Huawei AppGallery

Meanwhile, clients who are unable to download mobile apps are encouraged to use the web version.

BDO advises against downloading its mobile apps from unofficial app stores and other websites, which may offer outdated versions of these apps or worse, include malicious software or malware.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, there has been an increased number of clients that have experienced suspicious bank account transactions involving withdrawals and purchases done without their knowledge.

BDO also advises clients to be watchful over scammers regarding the mobile device takeover scam. The modus operandi begins with an email or text message that prompts clients to click on a link to verify their accounts and prevent deactivation. Scammers often get customer details by hacking the network for email addresses and cell phone numbers.

BDO reminds clients to be vigilant when sharing personal information online. To know more about this advisory, click here.

Scammers use malware to gather confidential information that may be saved in mobile devices, such as online banking username and password, debit or credit card information, and other personal data. BDO continues to advise its cardholders to always be vigilant and protect their sensitive information to avoid falling victim to fraudulent acts.

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To help our affected clients, BDO urges clients to formally file a report via email (, its international toll-free number (IAC +800-8-631-8000), or its domestic hotline(+63 2) 8631-8000. They can also reach out by logging in to Messenger and search for BDO Customer Care with a blue checkmark on Facebook.

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