5 Easy Ways on How to Manage your Monthly Bills Better

Whether you’re locked at home or are already on the go for work and other important errands, managing your monthly bills is still one of the burdens we have to consider amid our erratic days. It may sound simple, but sometimes, the most straightforward things tend to have their complications, too. Nevertheless, sometimes, all we need is a little reminder that staying on track with your monthly bills only needs two things ─ evidently some funds, but most importantly, your commitment.

5 Easy Ways on How to Manage your Monthly Bills Better | CebuFinest

5 Easy Ways on How to Manage your Monthly Bills Better

Luckily for you, GCash, the leading e-wallet in the country, is constantly finding ways to let you conveniently pay online in just a few taps through your mobile devices. With now a pool of 600 billers to choose from ─ including utilities, credit cards, transportation, and even school tuition, paying your bills has never been easier.

To enjoy this safe and seamless feature, simply login to your GCash account, choose the “Pay Bills” option, click on the biller and proceed to payment or wait for your queue. No need to wait in line ─ settle your bills quickly and safely anytime, anywhere.

With that, check out these tips you might want to consider that will surely take away the stress of managing your bills:

Create a checklist of your monthly bills

List down all your monthly bills and settle each one consistently and on time. The checklist can also be used to control unnecessary spending if you’re on a budget. Your monthly bills may include rent or mortgage, home utilities, telecommunications, credit card, and insurance. A bunch of billers has been added to the list such as Bank of Commerce, Singlife, and Asian Vision Cable along with many staples like Globe, Meralco, Maynilad, Sky Cable, and many more.

Be aware of your monthly expenses

Aside from your monthly bills, list down your expenses for the coming months. Your expenses may consist of clothing, transportation or gasoline allowance, healthcare, entertainment, and dining out. Many of these expenses can be paid through the app with Autosweep RFID, Easytrip RFID, and banks like Metrobank, BDO, BPI, and CitiBank for your credit card statements ─ to name a few that are easy for you to settle through GCash.

Always consider your earnings

After tallying your bills and expenses, compare them with how much you gain every month, too. Your income must cover both of them ─ with an extra allotment for emergency spending. You can use GCredit as an available payment option for your utility bills and even for loading RFID accounts, real estate, and school payment dues. If you have loans, GCash also lets you immediately add this to your monthly settlements with Home Credit, Tala, AppendPay, Billease, Unionbank Quickloans, City Savings Bank, and Malayan Bank now available on the app.

Thoroughly read your billing statements

Be sure to understand your billing statement to avoid certain fees that could affect your overall monthly expenses. Also, thoroughly check each bill to make sure you are charged correctly. Don’t forget, these also include your essential government dues such as Pag-IBIG, NBI, SSS – PRN, and now, with Social Housing Finance and Phil Guarantee added to the list of billers.

Mark your calendar for due dates

Last, but definitely not least, remember to always pay your bills on time using the calendar on your mobile phone or the various available apps online. On the GCash app, you can also use the Save Biller feature which allows you to set reminders for upcoming payments. Understandably, there is a huge possibility to forget these monthly duties, so it’s good to have a constant reminder by marking or setting an alarm before the due date to never miss a payment.

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Are you still in a rush to settle your bills? Don’t fret because GCash has got you covered from utilities to school tuition fees. All you need to do is follow the easy tricks above, and log in to your GCash account to choose from the 600 billers for you to pay from the safety of your home.

Not yet on GCash? Register now and download the mobile app for free on Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users, or Huawei Gallery. For more information, visit www.gcash.com today.

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