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We also offer products and services features, pre-event announcements, post-event mentions and endorsements, press release writing, and more.

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Why advertise with CebuFinest? started life with the sole purpose of being a website about the Queen City of the South, and its neighboring municipalities in the Cebu region. It started as a website last November 30, 2008, and was relaunched last June 12, 2012.

CebuFinest aims to promote the beautiful region of Cebu and to let people know the exciting social happenings and remarkable spots they can find; from showing our followers, and friends, the crystal clear beaches to storytelling our great adventures and escapades, taste-testing good food, and handpicking good finds, featuring local news and covering current events.

Age/Gender Demographics

Currently, we share 36% of men and 64% of women followers on website visits.

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[Figure 1] Data from Google Analytics generated October 4, 2017

From our visitors and followers (see Figure 1), 46.54% are from ages 25-34, followed by 29.64% from ages 18-24, and 13.05% from ages 35-44. The rest of the visits are distributed from ages 45-54 (5.85%), 55-64 (3.70%), and 65+ (approximately 1.22%+/-)

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[Figure 2] Data from Google Analytics generated October 4, 2017

Social Media and Website Reach Demographics

UPDATED (February 16, 2021): As of February 16, 2021, we have secured more than 20,000 organic followers and likes from different social media platforms:

Facebook – 5,695 Likes (6,058 Followers)
Twitter – 2,558 Followers
Instagram – 1,192 Followers
YouTube – 1.39K Subscribers (with 478,074 overall views)
Pinterest – 145 Followers

Visitors Location Demographics

Here below is our visits from different countries:

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[Figure 3] Data from Google Analytics generated October 4, 2017

Traffic Source Demographics

Currently, visitors found out about our website and social media accounts via Searching (on search engine results) with 88.37%, via Direct (typing our website address directly to the browser) with 3.21%, via Social Media Search (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with 5.56% and via Referrals from other websites or social media accounts with 2.87% (see Figure 4).

Advertise - Cebu Finest
[Figure 4] Traffic sources analysis; August 2017 data

Website Statistics (As of October 2017)

Page Views – 231,243 (Google Analytics)
Users – 78,365 (Google Analytics)
Alexa Ranking (Global) – 1,802,210
Alexa Ranking (Philippines) – 19,302
Domain Authority (DA) – 28.47
Page Authority (PA) – 35.12

Awards and Recognitions

Awards Awarding Body Year
Top 2 Most Like Cebu Blog on Facebook Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2010
Top 20 Blogs in Cebu Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2010
WINNER Best Cebu Events and Entertainment Blog of the Year Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013
WINNER Best Cebu Events and Entertainment Blog of the Year Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2015
NOMINEE News and Events Category Bloggys Philippine Blogging Awards 2015
Top 5 Best Blog of the Year Philippine Blogger Awards 2016
FIRST RUNNER-UP Best Entertainment & Lifestyle Blog Philippine Blogger Awards 2016
WINNER Best Entertainment & Lifestyle Blog Philippine Blogger Awards 2017

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