The Impact of Technology on Education in the Philippines

Over the past decade, the education system underwent a huge paradigm shift. The education system has been revamped completely and is now much different than it used to be years ago. There was a time when students faced difficulty, they used to visit the library and search through huge bookshelves to find out the information that they needed. Nowadays, you just have to type what you are looking for on your mobile phone or any technology and gadgets available, and hundreds of different results will show for the same thing in just a fraction of a second.

The Impact of Technology on Education in the Philippines | CebuFinest

The Impact of Technology on Education in the Philippines

Modern-day tech gadgets such as computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become a necessity for many students around the world to get access to study material and help regarding studies. These devices and gadgets are not only for fun but are helpful in studies and education too. In the Philippines, the use of the internet and technology in education has become more widespread than ever. It is now the need of Filipino students to get access to technology for effective learning.

The use of technology in education has helped to solve challenges being faced by the education sector in the Philippines and improved the quality of education in the country. Read on below to find out the impact of technology on education in the Philippines:

Personalized learning

Every person has his/her style of learning. Some are quick learners, others take quite a while to get hold of the concepts, some learn better through hearing, and some through visuals. Every person’s learning style varies and it can create a big hurdle for teachers to teach every student according to his/her learning style. However, thanks to technology, students can now learn at their ease, using the method that best suits their requirements.

Teachers can interact with students separately through social media or dedicated portals and provide instructions to students accordingly. Students can also learn at a pace that is most suitable for them, in the most practical way thanks to the video lectures that are available all over the internet on various topics and subjects. Along with all of this, technology has also made it possible to spark productivity in children through helpful tools and apps.

Students can learn at any time, anywhere

Technology has also made it possible for students to learn at any time, anywhere. Students that have access to mobile phones and laptops connected to the internet can learn anything they want to at any time. Through the internet, students get access to endless opportunities and millions of free educational resources. This allows students to learn at their schools, colleges, and universities, and also at their homes or anywhere else where they feel like learning. Learning apps and games like Words With Friends have also made learning so much fun.

Technology has also made it possible for students to learn at any time, anywhere. | CebuFinest

Helps students in learning valuable skills

Technology and digital tools help prepare students for their future careers. The internet has become such a platform where you can find information and learn about anything you want to. Through the internet, the students in the country can acquire and learn key skills like coding that are in demand globally. After learning skills like coding students can build programs like Scrabble Word Finder and add them to their portfolios.

These skills that one learns through the internet are advanced and technical skills that can be exercised in real life. Based on these skills, students can land jobs for themselves. Technology is now being used by students in the Philippines to learn and acquire different computer and IT-related skills through which they can find jobs themselves in different fields such as agriculture, IT, art, health, food, research, etc because computer work is needed everywhere.

Communication made easier

Technology has also boosted communication between teachers and students. It is now possible for teachers and students to remain in touch with each other even outside the premises of their schools. If students face any kind of issue or problem with their studies, they can ping their teachers and ask for help. There was a time when the student-teacher relationship was restricted to school/college boundaries but now things have changed.

Cost-effective in the long run

Although buying tech is expensive, in the long run, it is a cost-effective decision. By buying e-books or online helping tools, you will not only be driving down printing costs but you will have to buy these resources and study materials once. Similarly, the same is the case with having a dedicated student/teacher portal built. The initial cost of having a portal built is very much but in the long run, it helps in computing students’ grades, creating tests, assigning home tasks to students, etc.

Technology and digital tools help prepare students for their future careers. | CebuFinest

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Technology is a beneficial tool, no doubt and it has made a huge impact but the major problem is that not every student has access to digital tools or technology. There are also street children and children from lower-class families who cannot afford these tools. Along with this, these tech gadgets such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. can also be a distraction for students and it might even take them off their studies if they are not being monitored.

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