Our Story is an established Events, Entertainment, and Lifestyle website based in Cebu City. We are one of the leading online sources featuring businesses and their products and services, travel destination, social events and entertainment, lifestyle brand news, and other promotions for us to be able to provide reliable details for the benefit of the Cebuano community. We also advertise and convey relevant news on Social Good for the information of the whole country, the Philippines.

The Beginnings

Way back on November 30, 2008, was born and started as an online shop, selling hand-made products and fashion accessories. We also teamed up with a local brand for native-inspired footwear for women.

A year later, we renovated the website into an online magazine for good finds: hotels, restaurants, and beach resorts around the metropolitan area of Cebu and its provinces like Bantayan, Camotes, and even Bohol. Reaching 20,000 page views in just a few months, the success of was massive and a lot of online consumers made us one of their choices for their cyber tour guide. | Cebu Finest
The logo in 2009.

We have featured the magnificent white beach of Sta. Fe Beach Club in Bantayan Island, where we made an entry to the 2010 Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA). We garnered 2nd place amongst the “Top 20 Most Number of Likes on Facebook”, making us qualified for the Awards Night last December 12, 2010, at The Penthouse, in Sugbutel, Cebu City.

March 22, 2011, the website was shut down due to outdated posts. Since then, we have posted tidbits of information on our CebuFinest Facebook Page through our Twitter account, @CebuFinest. Still, there are users who followed us unconditionally with their comments. We thank you dearly for your continuous support.

We also sponsored company events and launched programs along with other online bloggers to show that we are still working.

June 12, 2012, marks the relaunching date of the new CebuFinest, and a new logo. | Cebu Finest
The current logo of from 2012

We continued to feature stuff and good finds around Cebu and added more news for our followers to read. Including some crispy and hot-from-the-oven news on city events, product launching, interviews with Cebuanos on their success stories, business, leisure, and most of all, city tours.

A year after its relaunch, CebuFinest was nominated and became one of the top finalists for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA). With the massive support of our avid readers and followers, we were able to bring home the “Best Cebu Events and Entertainment Blog of the Year” in 2013.

Our journey became challenging to keep up with the growing content creators in Cebu but we continued to enjoy what we love doing: sharing good vibes online. Since we can’t join the BCBA in 2014 (consecutive yearly nominations for winning websites barred by the awarding body), the one-manned online magazine opened its doors to aspiring online writers and content creators as a training ground. Philip Andrew Mayol, the founder and main editor of CebuFinest invited nine (9) writers, photographers, and junior editors to undergo training and workshops to prepare themselves to start their own platform.

As a working team of 11 members, we gave ourselves another try to get nominated for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards. With the continued support of our followers and readers, we, again, received the “Best Cebu Events and Entertainment Blog of the Year.” That was in 2015.

CebuFinest kept on getting recognized, most especially at the Philippine Bloggers Awards.

  • Top 5 Blog of the Year (2016)
  • Top 2 Best Entertainment and Lifestyle Blog (2016)
  • WINNER Best Entertainment and Lifestyle Blog (2017)

The training program was discontinued in 2016. Currently, some of those aspirants are active content creators in Cebu.

The website might look refreshed and new, but please hope that we are still the that you learned to love way back in 2008.

Again, we thank you for your unending patronage of CebuFinest and surely, we will have more fun and excitement as we invite you to join us in a new set of city adventures.

Collaborate with us today. You can send us a message via our Contact Us Page.

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