5 Fun Things to do with Your Kids on Rainy Days

Rainy days can be so annoying and even hard for us to entertain ourselves from getting bored and restless. But did you know that rainy days can make people become more honest with themselves and to others by letting their guards down a bit?

5 Fun Things to do on Rainy Days | CebuFinest

5 Fun Things to do with Your Kids on Rainy Days

So when the clouds roll and the sky begins to shower its little crystals, take advantage of this opportunity and catch up with your life.

1) Play board games

These days, most people become undetachable with their mobile phones and tablets. A rainy day could be a perfect way to set aside those gadgets and pull off an old board game we used to play when we were little (or not so little).

5 Fun Things to do on Rainy Days | CebuFinest

Whether it’s Monopoly, Pictionary, UNO, or Scrabble, be prepared to play it on. Nobody’s too old for board games after all. Don’t let your competitive side rule over, though. Remember, it’s just a game.

If you are into sports activities, you can play table tennis with your family. So get ready your best ping pong paddles for fun and exciting games when it’s raining outside.

2) Curl up and read a book

eBooks can never replace a good old book. Be it an old informative magazine, Almanac dated decades ago, or your granny’s favorite novel. Travel into time as you flip every page and delve into the past. That way, you are relaxing your body yet your mind increases brain activity.

Plus, reading gives you something to look forward to and it saves mother nature from excessive energy consumption for endless battery charging. So pick up a good book and read. Learning additional information can always be rewarding.

3) Start a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project

5 Fun Things to do on Rainy Days | CebuFinest

The reason why Pinterest was created, to give you ideas on how to turn a boring rainy day into a great attack. Let loose your artistic side. Collage some pictures, paint a canvass, fill-in a scrapbook, or make jewelry. The fruit of your labor can be really fulfilling.

Get crafty even if it turns out like a cute little artwork of a 4-year old kid for his mom’s birthday!

4) Get ready the popcorn and do a movie marathon

Relax and grab an old Disney movie, your favorite classics or pick out some chick flicks you’ve never gotten to see. Pop some kernels into the microwave and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget your box of tissue and a comfy pillow, some scenes can be a tear-jerker.

You’ll thank the rainy weather for a perfect movie eerie.

5 Fun Things to do on Rainy Days | CebuFinest

5) Cuddle with your pillow and go to sleep

Nothing beats a perfect slumber in rainy weather. Go ahead, hit the sack, pull the blanket, and hug your soft pillow. Listening to the sound of the raindrops hitting the leaves, tapping the roof, and kissing the ground melts the stress away.

Cuddle up like a kitty and the peaceful whisper of the rain will sing you to sleep.

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So now your day will no longer be wasted. Seize the moment and worry no more. The next time Little Miss Rainy Day comes your way, relax and enjoy, and just wait for Mr. Sun to shine.

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