5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer

The hectic lifestyle in the metro consumed a lot of your time while at work, stressed out and made fewer fun moments with the family. Since it is officially summer (just heard on the radio that the hottest ever recorded temperature lately this year is around 36 degrees), it’s about time to take a break and go to the beach!

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer | Cebu Finest

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer

Of course, before you spend your escapade to the pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, stay outdoors and get a gorgeous tan line, you must plan what to bring to enjoy your getaway.

Here are five (5) essential things you need to have with you when you spend time at the beach.

1) Sunscreen

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer | Cebu Finest
Men should apply sunscreen, too. It’s essential this summer [Photo credit: cindyhorton.co.za]

When I say sunscreen, it’s not only for the women. Big guys should get one, too. Sunscreen is essential and you will thank it later from getting too much exposure from extreme heat under the sun.

You may fancy taking your shirts off to show the crowd your well-prepared toned body for summer, yet you will regret getting too much sunburn because you haven’t put any on your skin before diving into the sea or having fun while playing frizz bee with the kids. Too much ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and cause sunburn. Sunscreen with SPF30 is ideal for this kind of environment, but I guess you consult your dermatologist for the right amount of protection for the whole family.

2) Beach bag

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer | Cebu Finest
Strut your way to the sand and make them head turn with your colorful summer bag [Photo credit: fabricblissdenver.com]

Of course, where else would you put all your stuff if you don’t have one? Your bag should be durable (because I am sure mommy will bring a lot of goodies for the kiddos), big enough to accommodate all the things you need to bring, and yes, fashionable and with style. The sun is so bright and you need to carry along colorful beach bag to stylize your outfit and have their full attention as you pass by in front those having to sunbathe or playing volleyball.

There’s nothing more amazing than being able to bring everything you need without leaving something behind because some won’t fit in your bag. It is also good that if it’s time to go home, it would be easier to put things back together and not leaving stuff behind.

You can also get a reliable dry bag that can also be a good thing since you are exposed to water or liquid at the beach. Keep safe your gadgets or your personal belongs away from water and everything will be fine with your adventures at the beach.

3) Beach blanket and Towels

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer | Cebu Finest
While relaxing under the sun and enjoying the summer, spend time with family and have fun [Photo credit: thegreenhead.com]

With all that excitement, never ever forget to bring this very important thing- TOWEL. Sometimes, alongside an extra underwear, we tend to miss bringing these essential things too. But if you do, bring the big one. It will help you dry up after every dip, and your beach towel can help you cover up from too much heat from the sun.

While you are relaxing, playing with the kids, having some drinks or reading your favorite book, a beach blanket is a good place to do all that. The bigger the beach blanket the better, the more people can stay in one place and have a fun time playing cards or eat your favorite family snacks.

4) Camera

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer | Cebu Finest
Save your memories together and make your summer memorable [Photo credit: sheknows.com]

Pull out that gadget and take the most amazing memories with your family. May it be a point-and-shoot digital camera or an entry-level DSLR camera. You can even use your smartphones to take beautiful photos of you and your family while you enjoy the background of the white sand and blue sea.

Immortalize your time together while you are making sandcastles, enjoying fruit shakes or a family ‘selfie’ and share them later on Facebook or Instagram. But do not forget to bring extra batteries, charger or your power bank so you won’t run out of battery juice and will be able to smile and say cheese every moment with your loved ones.

5) Sunglasses

5 things you need to carry on the beach this summer | Cebu Finest
Protect your eyes from the sun this summer with your favorite sunglasses. It makes you fashionable too [Photo credit: evanmarckatz.com]

A nice pair of sunglasses does not only give you a statement of fashion at the beach this summer, it primarily protects your eyes from too much sun rays. When you’re at the seashore, it will be difficult for you to see things in front of you against a white background.

Sunglasses can also protect your eyes from sand. So, when you pack your bags getting ready for the beach escapade, make sure you bring your sunglasses. Bring along your canister to keep it safe from bending or worst, breaking. Surely, your summer time at the beach with the family will be the best ever this year.

There you have it! Five (5) essentials to carry on the beach this summer time.

How about you? Do you have something to add? Please share through the comment box below.

Happy Summer!

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