Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo’s

If there’s one thing I need to drop by when I visit places out of town, it’s got to be the food shops. Yes, trying something new to eat (especially those restaurants not yet available in Cebu) is always on my bucket list. Every year since 2012, I have these opportunities to travel to Makati City to attend conventions and seminars for work. And it so happened that last year, I was able to taste the amazing offering this tapa house can serve.

Welcome to Rufo’s. In this dining experience, in particular, I have visited their branch at A. Venue, Makati Avenue in Makati City.

Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo's | Cebu Finest

A gastronomic adventure at Rufo’s Famous Tapa in Makati

At the busy streets of Makati Avenue is a humbling place where you can dine and have the best tapa in town. They are very well-known because of that, and the name Rufo’s Famous Tapa is the living proof. As of writing, Rufo’s has ten (10) branches.

This specific branch I was able to visit is located at the right side, exterior area of the lower ground floor of A. Venue Mall. Rufo’s is next to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. When you enter the restaurant, you can see comfy couches and chairs so right to spend longer hours with friends while enjoying eating out. But what you can notice at the entrance are these framed newspaper clippings featuring the history and achievements of Rufo’s as a successful franchise and and an award-winning restaurant chain.

Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo's | Cebu Finest

Rufo’s is a chain of 24/7 Filipino restaurant serving the legendary Rufo’s Famous Tapa, and Mr. Paul Vincent Inzon Reyes is the President and CEO of the corporation.

Without second thoughts, of course, I sat at the most convenient area of the restaurant (I won’t tell where that is because it’s going to be mine when I’m there), and greeted by the very welcoming service crew. Plus points for that. I was not even asked yet what I want to order, I automatically say, “sauce pa lang, ulam na!” I don’t know really how to translate that to simple English but, from what I can understand, it’s “the sauce alone is already good.”

Nice try, huh?

I want to expand the varieties my taste buds can handle, so I ordered their Rufo Burger.

Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo's | Cebu Finest

The Rufo’s Famous Tapa is affordable, P/108 per serving. It’s inclusive of a sunny side-up fried egg and garlic rice (I am not sure if you can have the plain rice. But I’m telling you, the garlic rice is so better with it).

And the verdict? It’s so absolutely true!

I want to order another round of the garlic rice because I don’t want to put the sauce to waste. Shame on me! But I must agree. The sauce itself is food! I’m slowly digging in the serving because it’s so good I might order another one.

Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo's | Cebu Finest

The Rufo Burger is only P/46 and it’s worth the try. It’s American-ish with the lettuce and tomato, yet served in a Filipino way. It’s an Eastern-Western culinary fushion. Period.

If you think Rufo’s Famous Tapa is ideal for breakfast, well, not mine. I had it for lunch, and dinner, the same day. And had it again for breakfast the next day.

I also tried their Beef Tapa Sandwich which is off-the-hook! It costs P/68 a piece.

Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo's | Cebu Finest

It’s like the sandwich version of the Rufo’s Famous Tapa, now in a bun. And it’s good in a take-home bag while you stroll around A. Venue area at night. So, I brought one at my hotel room and watched TV.

If you’re going to Makati Avenue, don’t you ever miss to try the fantastic food at the menu. You can also have dishes paired with a couple (or more) of cold bottle of beer at night with friends if you hang, or a cup of brewed coffee for breakfast in the morning.

Ay, sauce nalang! A gastronomic adventure at Rufo's | Cebu Finest

When you’re in Manila, most especially in the Makati area, you need to be there. Just go there to Rufo’s and try their famous tapa. I’m going there again, absolutely.

And guess what, they have crispy Danggit on the menu! Come on!

To know more about their latest promos and gigs, join the Official Rufo’s Facebook Page. You can also follow them on Twitter (@RufosFamousTapa).

Please contact Rufo’s at A. Venue with these numbers (02) 899 4207 or (02) 899 3811 for more inquiries.

And to Paul, bring Rufo’s to Cebu City! Please.

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