Approach Z82 and Approach S62: The next best thing in Garmin for golfers

Garmin Philippines today announced the Approach Z82, the most accurate GPS laser range finder on the market to date and the premium Approach S62, a sleek GPS golf watch that integrates critical course information and full-color mapping, right on the wrist.

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Approach Z82 and Approach S62: The next best thing in Garmin for golfers

“The Approach Z82 and S62 [utilize] some of the most prominent golf features available on the market and builds on the foundation of our first range finder to add even more depth and distance precision to help sharpen a golfer’s game,” said Mr. Scoppen Lin, Director, Garmin Asia. “A strong feature set of golf features and built-in functions which now include health and fitness tracking capabilities in the Approach S62 make these Garmin products invaluable tools for golfers of all skill levels.”

Approach Z82 – the most accurate GPS laser range finder till date

Designed to help improve a golfer’s situational awareness, the Approach Z82 measures precise shot distances ranging from within 10 inches of the pin-up to 450 yards. What’s more, the Approach Z82 boasts full-color 2-D CourseView mapping through the lens, Green View overlay on more than 41,000 courses worldwide, and thanks to its enhanced laser ranging performance, the device can hit the flag more consistently than previous models.

Approach Z82 by Garmin | Cebu Finest

Higher accuracy assistance on the course

The Approach Z82’s improved optics produce sharper images, and a superior viewfinder offers better eye relief so golfers who wear glasses can see the full extent of the high-resolution OLED display. In addition, vibrational feedback and the refined laser ranging performance makes locking on to the flag even more precise and intuitive.

What sets the Approach Z82 apart from other rangefinders is the supplementary course details that are readily available in the player’s peripheral vision. By merging GPS technology and CourseView mapping, a 2-D image of the hole is overlaid on the viewfinder along with distances to key hazards and layups. When the Approach Z82 locks on to the flag, the map automatically zooms in to the green marking a Laser Ranged Arc at that specific distance. Once this happens, players will be able to know the pin position relative to the front and back of the green.

The Approach Z82 can also display wind direction1 and speed to help take the guesswork out of choosing the proper club. With the new Hazard View feature, golfers can quickly zoom in and scroll through each hazard on the map to see more details and know exactly where the distances to the front and back of each hazard are being measured to – even when the player’s actual view is obstructed.

Customizable set of features for more personalized support

The rangefinder also offers a flexible number of features that can be enabled or disabled depending on a golfer’s specific needs. Starting with the PlaysLike Distance feature, users can adjust for uphill or downhill slopes to better gauge a shot’s true distance for better club selection. Additionally, when players use the Approach Z82’s Pinpointer option, they will have the critical advantage of seeing the direction to the green on blind shots. Furthermore, the new tournament mode light on the top of the rangefinder serves to remind players that they are following tournament rules.

Approach S62 – premium GPS golf and fitness smartwatch

With its sunlight-readable 1.3-inch color touchscreen – 17 percent larger than the previous model – and scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, the Approach S62 delivers an easier-to-read, larger display while upholding an elegant design that transcends the clubhouse. Boasting an array of features to help enhance a golfer’s game, the Approach S62 offers options such as PlaysLike Distance, Hazard View and introduces a Virtual Caddie to analyze critical factors such as wind speed, course layout, and a golfer’s past swings to select the best-suited club for each shot.

Approach S62 by Garmin | Cebu Finest

Better on-the-course tracking and support

The Approach S62 shines in its precise ability to help strategize and fine-tune a golfer’s game. When golfers are stranded with a blind shot and unable to see the pin, the Approach S62’s PinPointer option shows players the exact direction to the pin. The watch uses the PlaysLike Distance option to adjust yardages to compensate for uphill and downhill shots, and with the Hazard View, golfers can quickly scroll through each hazard on the map to acquire critical distance information and know exactly what to avoid during play. Thanks to the Green View feature, no matter where the player is on the course, the watch will display each green’s true shape and allow golfers to drag-and-drop the pin for better yardage accuracy. Additionally, the Approach S62 utilizes2 an Autoshot round analyzer to measure and record detected shot distances. This efficient game tracking feature can also be paired with optional Approach CT10 club tracking sensors to boost game tracking details.

Easily access valuable game insights on Garmin Golf app

Avid players can gain even more insight into their game after pairing the Approach Z82 and S62 with the Garmin Golf app for access to the new golf performance widget. Stats are calculated in the app and then sent to the watch so users can review the handicap index, fairway and approach shot hit/miss percentage, and green in regulation percentage. The app even provides analysis for strokes gained and allows users to participate in leaderboards and tournaments with other players around the world. With the new Find My Garmin feature in the Approach Z82, players who accidentally lose track of their range finder on the course can easily track down the whereabouts of the device.

Packed with health and fitness features for overall health monitoring

Offering a deep feature set that goes beyond the golf course, the Approach S62 boasts enhanced wrist-based heart rate monitoring3 to display the intensity of a user’s fitness activities. To better gauge an individual’s overall health and fitness levels, a Pulse Ox sensor4 has been implemented into the watch to estimate blood oxygen saturation levels. The watch also includes smart notifications5 to receive e-mails, texts, and alerts right on the display of the watch, activity tracking features6 and preloaded activity profiles for running, cycling, and even swimming.

Golfers can also take advantage of the Approach S62’s longer battery life that can last up to 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 14 days in smartwatch mode. Thanks to Garmin’s Quickfit bands, the look of the watch can easily be altered and remain colorful in style with leather, silicone, nylon, or titanium options. The Connect IQ Store is also available for golfers to download custom watch faces, apps, and widgets.

Approach Z82 and S62 are available now with a suggested retail price of ₱33,995 and ₱27,995 respectively and ₱29,500 for the Approach Z82 and CT10 bundle at Garmin Brand Stores and all Garmin authorized retailers. To learn more visit

The Approach S62 is the latest solution from Garmin’s expanding outdoor segment, which focuses on developing technologies and innovations to enhance users’ outdoor experiences. Whether hiking, hunting, trail running, mountain biking, golfing, diving, or using satellite communication, Garmin outdoor devices are essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

Approach S62 GPS Golf Watch by Garmin | Cebu Finest

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  1. Lie and ball contact may affect shot tracking. Putts are not tracked. Some shots, particularly chip shots around the green, may not be tracked.
  2. Lie and ball contact may affect shot tracking. Putts are not tracked. Some shots, particularly chip shots around the green, may not be tracked.
  3. See
  4. This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox is not available in all countries.
  5. When paired with a compatible smartphone; see
  6. See
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