Cultural Sports in India: Types of Cricket Bets and How to do Them

When one has decided to wager in different events and that, too, in India, then they first have to get a clear understanding of what is the difference between the cricket betting and other basic gambling. The four major types where a punter can wager are Tied Matches, Match Odds, Series Winners and Outright Winners. But each of them has a different set of rules and one must know them before wagering.

Cultural Sports in India: Types of Cricket Bets and How to do Them | Cebu Finest

Cultural Sports in India: Types of Cricket Bets and How to do Them

Thus a basic understanding is needed for the cricket punters if they are interested in placing the right wager and want to move on to the exotic bets. Here are some basic cricket bets that one will get in cricket betting apps:

Match Odds (To Win the Match)

It is said to be the most popular option when it comes to wagering and when it comes to cricket games. Here the wagering is simple because the punter here has to pick one of the 2 teams who are playing the match and the one who can be the potential winner. This is a great place to wager if there is a one-day international game happening.

Here, the team which is favorite for winning the march will get some better odds but here, the punter will win less than even money. The underdog team, on the other hand, has to pay greater than even money. It is better to research each of them and see the match format before betting.

Tied Match (Draw No Bet)

As per the name here, the punter gets the chance to wager on whether a test match that is happening will be a draw at the end or not. There is also another kind of a wager called Double Chance where betting can be done on either side on a win and draw. The betting options here have to be chosen carefully if the 2 teams are well matched.

Series Winner

Here the punter can keep using online gambling and bet on a team among 2 who they think will win the series. There are 3 or 5 games series mostly and the punter had to wager on any one of them likely to win the series. In order to give more chances to their accurate prediction punter needs to look at the current performance rate of each team.

Cultural Sports in India: Types of Cricket Bets and How to do Them | Cebu Finest

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Outright Winner

If a cricket punter shows their interest to wager about which team will win the tournament in major games like the ICC Champions Trophy, Cricket World Cup or T 20 World Cup then this is the way they can do it. They will gamble on a team that they not only think win one match but the entire tournament as well. It is the trickiest type of wager and the punter has to invest their money for a long time.

All of these wagers can happen online and one needs to be careful when they are making their predictions and keeping their bet on it. Not only that, they have to keep calm because they are dealing with money.

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