Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe

It’s already good to think that to go to a place where you spend amazing times with family and friends with good food. How about enjoy good food and have fun with board games at the same time? A very fun cafe at The Greenery can give you both in one sitting. The Vault Boarding Game Cafe is the right place for those things and we went there to try.

Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe | Cebu Finest

Food and Games at the Vault

As we enter, we were greeted by the cashier and hand us over their menu. Since it’s my first time to go there and eat (because friends told me I would enjoy the board games), I am not sure what to get. So, the easiest way to do that is to ask them what to order. Good thing, though, that my friend, Bang, tagged along, so we ordered fish and chips.

Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe | Cebu Finest

For ₱250 on the big bowl of fish and chips, it’s already a good gastronomic bargain. But since I was new to that place, I ordered another food with, of course, another recommendation from the cashier. Torn between the japaleño cheese thingy and the nachos, hearing “jalapeño” already put chili feeling on my tongue. Even though the cashier told me that the “jalapeño” is really not that spicy I am thinking it is, I went to the nachos instead.

However, I was not expecting to have it in a larger bowl that she said that is good for 2 or 3.

Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe | Cebu Finest

The size is so overwhelming I was thinking it was good for the whole barkada of 5 or 6. We’ve tried to finish everything but failed big time.

The food was great. I definitely love the fish and chips and the tangy, garlicky dip that I even combined the dipping sauce with every bite of a nacho. The nacho was good, too, but considering the size and the hopes of finishing everything was put to the drains, I am not regretting, but the fish and chips were enough for 2 people.

I was still thankful I have a good taste of the nachos because the tomato sauce and the beef bits and cheese were extra delightful. The nacho chips became saggy, though, because we enjoyed a lot playing these things…

Piles and piles of board game boxes

Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe | Cebu Finest
Animals Upon Animals

The options to choose from were as overwhelming as the food we ordered. Our first game is called “Animals Upon Animals”. The goal of the game is to put wooden blocks of animals on top of each other, depending on what the dice will show you. I will not tell you the whole process because I want you to also try the game when you drop by the Vault.

We also played the “Lantern” game. It’s a complicated game because it is played with strategy. We also liked it and enjoyed it a lot.

We had so much fun it is worth sharing

We spent almost 3 hours eating our food, and at the same time playing the board games. Assistance from the service crew was exemplary as well. They are board games not familiar to us, however, the enthusiasm to help you and introduce you on how to play them made us very excited and eager to play.

The cashier was so nice, too. She was very helpful in letting us choose the food that we need to try (especially for first timers). By the way, the giant bowl of nachos is ₱200 and was worth trying.

Expect that sometimes the place can be so crowdy and noisy because it’s a board game cafe. You can hear people scream because probably they are either winning or losing the game.

Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe | Cebu Finest

Enjoy food and games at Vault Board Game Cafe | Cebu Finest

I would definitely come back and bring my friends over most particularly those who are into playing board games and love eating food.

For more details about this place, join the Official Vault Board Game Cafe Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram.

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