Globe Business reaffirms commitment to MSMEs’ “Tuloy-tuloy na Success” with digital transformation

In the midst of changing times, Filipino entrepreneurs have showcased their grit and determination to succeed by continuously looking for new ways to grow their businesses. As they navigate this rapidly changing environment, Globe Business reaffirms its commitment to micro, small, and medium enterprises, or MSMEs, as a trusted partner.

Globe Business reaffirms commitment to MSMEs’ “Tuloy-tuloy na Success” with digital transformation | CebuFinest

Globe Business reaffirms commitment to MSMEs’ “Tuloy-tuloy na Success” with digital transformation

For MSMEs to have “Tuloy-tuloy na Success”, Globe Business aims to work together with them to achieve new business breakthroughs with products and services, innovative digital solutions, and reliable customer support.

MSMEs as drivers of the economy

According to the latest data from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), 99% of businesses in the Philippines are MSMEs. They help reduce unemployment by creating jobs for the growing labor force, making up 63% of the country’s total manpower. They stimulate economic development and serve as valuable partners to major enterprises and consumers.

“We see our MSMEs as modern-day heroes who play a critical role in the country’s economy. That’s why we believe that if we help them succeed, we also help our nation succeed,” said Ernest Cu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Globe.

Globe Business’ commitment to MSMEs

MSMEs face different challenges every day–from getting and retaining customers, streamlining operations, tracking inventory and deliveries, and even making sure their employees are happy; however, they remain unfazed, being agile and quick to adapt to the demands of the times. As they seek continuous growth, Globe Business strives to journey with them through this period of heightened digital adoption so they can overcome their perceived boundaries and achieve more success.

“Globe Business seeks to go beyond the surface by helping MSMEs with innovations that accelerate business growth, expertise that guides businesses forward, and unparalleled care that supports their journeys, so they can achieve more business breakthroughs para sa tuloy-tuloy na success,” said KD Dizon, MSME Group Head, Globe Business.

Innovations that usher businesses towards a stronger future

Globe Business continues to develop products and services for different types of businesses, tapping into Globe’s ecosystem of digital solutions designed to help improve the accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of business operations.

Among these are expanded digital offerings such as business-grade connectivity plans from GPlan Biz and GFiber Biz.

GPlan Biz is a made-for-business mobile postpaid plan, which, aside from its basic mobile connectivity features, allows users to use GCash for business to purchase digital solutions or pay suppliers conveniently, among others. With GPlan Biz Plus, subscribers can enjoy an unlimited 5G network for six months as well as unlimited text and call to all mobile networks and landlines nationwide. These are essentials to keep businesses connected to their team, suppliers, and customers all the time.

GFiber Biz Plus, on the other hand, is Globe Business’ real business-grade broadband plan yet which gives MSMEs access to a symmetric internet connection, allowing them to experience equal upload and download speeds for seamless online activities. It also comes with two pieces of WiFi mesh that help strengthen internet coverage in different parts of an establishment, and unlimited calls to all mobile networks and landlines nationwide, allowing entrepreneurs to be worry-free of top-up call charges.

Globe Business also offers hassle-free digital solutions such as Vehicle Tracker, which helps MSMEs manage their fleet and ensure safe delivery with its real-time monitoring feature; Cloud Payroll, which automates employee records and fast-tracks payroll processing; and ChatGenie, which lets them manage all their transactions across different channels in one platform. All of these are designed to support MSMEs to thrive in a digital-first business environment.

Expertise that guides businesses forward to a better tomorrow

Globe Business understands the struggles that MSMEs deal with and endeavors to help them face these heads on, by continuing to engage with customers, forge key partnerships, and create platforms to share expertise in tech trends and digitalization. All these efforts aim to equip entrepreneurs with important knowledge, skills, and the network that will aid them to achieve their goals and future-proof their businesses.

Upstart is the loyalty program of Globe Business that is designed to empower member businesses with exclusive perks, (GainUp); training, upskilling, and mentoring (GearUp); and community building (GuildUp) where entrepreneurs can network and connect to other business owners.

Globe Business Academy, a readily accessible and available learning platform for Filipino MSMEs, provides access to fresh content and exclusive events to help them navigate their digital journey. The portal contains business hacks, advice from the brightest entrepreneurial minds, learning modules, tech tips, and inspiring stories–all just a click away.

Among the recent learning events by Globe Business Academy was the recent 4-part webinar series called “Reaching Breakthroughs”, which was in partnership with the DTI e-Commerce Office. From August 25 to 26, MSMEs can look forward to the two-part “Innovation Summit” where they can meet innovators, tech experts, and advisers who will teach them how to adopt new technologies, improve engagement, and drive customer experience in a series of workshops and webinars.

Globe Business’ At Your SerBIZ, on the other hand, is an online talk show featuring the ups and downs, wins and losses, and the unique Filipino startup experience in a casual and inclusive setting, with the aim to inspire more local entrepreneurs to embrace digital adoption in their business journey.

Care that supports the needs of businesses in their unique journey

Recognizing MSMEs as key enablers of the economy, Globe Business cares for their success so they can continue to create remarkable impact.

That’s why Globe Business customers are guaranteed accessible online support channels that are available anytime and anywhere; reliable account managers matched with dedicated support for their business needs; and a responsive and strong after-sales service.

“Their name may connote small in size, but their impact is big. That’s why Globe Business is committed to helping MSMEs charge towards exponential growth and move their businesses forward into the digital future,” concluded Dizon.

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For more information about Globe Business, you may reach out to Globe Business Account Managers through the Globe For Business Page, and Facebook Messenger.

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