House 2 Productions presents Kasubo, a community initiative

House 2 Productions, in cooperation with Plug & Play, Golden Luger Productions, Harakirimosh and ABCebu Events, presents KASUBO (Matters of the Mind) from July 28 through to August 25, 2017.

House 2 Productions presents Kasubo, a community initiative | Cebu Finest

About the Event: Kasubo

In light of Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington’s passing, the organisers Chris Capablanca (House 2), Allan Scrabbles (Plug & Play), Hendrix Ho and Maria Roca (Golden Luger Productions), Shak Mancao (Harakirimosh), and Redd Odilao (ABCebu Events) have come together to launch an initiative to raise awareness on Mental Health.

Cebu’s vibrant music scene has grown over the years and the public pressure is on as high expectations of our artists becomes the main priority over their well-being. These are passionate individuals with real people issues and are not immune to mental health problems.

Depression levels and suicide rates seem to be increasing over the past couple of years affecting the younger age group.

What to Expect

The event will be run in installations from poetry nights dedicated to the theme to tribute shows to pay homage to the kind of music that influenced an entire generation and helped shape the current music industry. Amongst the activities set out are the following:

Date Event Venue
July 28 (Friday) Cebu LitFest Tribute SM Seaside City Cebu
July 30 (Sunday) Linkin Park Night 1 Handuraw Pizza Mango Branch
August 5 (Saturday) Linkin Park Night 2 Azul Cebu
August 12 (Saturday) Linkin Park Night 3 Azul Cebu
August 18 (Friday) Linkin Park Night 4 Azul Cebu
August 19 (Saturday) Linkin Park Night 5 Azul Cebu

Event Partners

The organizers of Kasubo have also partnered with key organizations and institutions who will host talks, workshops, sports clinic, poetry nights and art exhibits all throughout August.

The Philippine Mental Health Association (Cebu Chapter), UP Cebu Department of Psychology, ArtisTryst, Cebu LitFest, UP Ultimate Frisbee Organization and The Strays also partnered with this event.

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Further details will be posted on House 2 Productions Facebook Page and on other social media channels.

The content of this published article is distributed by House 2 Productions.

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