Making this Christmas extra green with Watsons Sustainable Choices

Watsons gives the Christmas season a greener touch with Sustainable Choices, a selection of products that stands by the retailer’s commitment to helping preserve the planet for generations to come.

Making this Christmas extra green with Watsons | CebuFinest

Making this Christmas extra green with Watsons Sustainable Choices

The line offers products from the Watsons label line and other big brands. They may contain clean ingredients; are packaged from recycled plastic; or have ethically sourced and sustainably processed ingredients. Refill options are also available for an option for less plastic consumption.

What better way to show your gifting spirit than with presents that include thoughtful packaging, refillable possibilities, contain sustainable ingredients that are sourced with care, and products made without substances that could potentially be harmful to you or the planet.

Sustainable Choices at Watsons has something for everyone on your gift list from hair care, body care, cosmetics, personal care, and so much more.

These eco-friendly selections from the Watsons Sustainable Choices line make good gift options that will remind your beauty-enthusiast loved ones and friends you are thinking about them while having a sense of consciousness towards the environment.

With over a thousand stores nationwide, gifting with a sense of sustainability is something that everyone can start doing this year and slowly turn into a habit, as in this way, we can all do our part to reduce waste.

“Watsons is making gift-giving an activity that also involves a sense of being environmentally friendly, especially that the Sustainable Choices product line is available in our stores, making it accessible for our consumers to have more gifting options. We are also very happy that Watsons supplier-partners are also joining in towards making a conscious effort to bring in sustainable offerings to our consumers,” said Sharon Decapia, Senior AVP for Marketing, PR, and Sustainability, Watsons Philippines.

Celebrate the season of giving with Watsons

The most wonderful time of the year to not only give gifts to friends but also give the gift of a more sustainable futurxt purchased from Watsons supports their Alagang Pangkalusugan Medical Missions, Operation Smxe Missions and more of their initiatives as shown in their recent holiday video that you can watch below.

This Christmas, give more, smile more. With every purchase of Watsons holiday gift sets, you contribute to spreading joy to more Filipinos through the Watsons Alagang Pangkalusugan medical missions in underserved communities. ASC Reference Code: W0031P111323W

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Look Good. Do Good. Feel Great. Visit Watsons Philippines Facebook Page for more details.

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