Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex

It’s official—Matteo Guidicelli picks his sleeping partner, and is “The One” for Uratex, as the leading “Sleep Specialist” launches the matinee idol, athlete, and all-around good guy as its first celebrity endorser in a TV commercial.

Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex | Cebu Finest

Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex

“People underestimate the importance of sleep, which is one of the most important things in life. And people also underestimate what a mattress can do. A Uratex mattress is a very good investment because you’re not only buying a durable product that you can use for a long time, but you are also investing [in] good quality sleep,” testifies a grateful Guidicelli.

At the contract signing at the Uratex Magallanes Showroom in Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City are Abigail Carino, Uratex Brand Manager, Classic Foams; Peachy Medina, Uratex Managing Director; Matteo Guidicelli; Cherry Wong-Tan, Uratex Marketing Director; and Apol Butas, Catalytx Advertising Inc. Client Service Director.

Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex | Cebu Finest

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“Our campaign, ‘The One for Uratex,’ is about better sleep, the value of sleep, and how Uratex can be your right partner,” explains Peachy Medina, Uratex Managing Director.

“Matteo, like Uratex, strives for excellence. He tries everything. He’s good at any role or any field he chooses. He’s not afraid to try new things—that’s innovation. He’s a good representative of the youth of today—smart, confident, and athletic. Matteo is very caring; and a good son, brother, friend, and boyfriend. He’s also trustworthy, a quality that our brand is known for.”

Matteo finds “The One” perfect sleeping partner

Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex | Cebu Finest

Uratex Foam, the innovative brand that grew to become a household name in the bedding industry, introduces its newest brand endorser: matinee idol Matteo Guidicelli. Everyone is always on the lookout for their perfect partner in life. As a busy performer, influencer, and fitspiration, Guidicelli has found his perfect sleeping partner in Uratex.

For several years running, Uratex has been awarded as Reader’s Digest Platinum Trusted Brand for Mattresses for the Household Products Category. The company is also a valuable ally of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, and a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), which is recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the sleep products industry, representing health and wellness facilities, and providers globally.

To make Guidicelli’s introduction more memorable, a launching event was held in his hometown of Cebu City, at the SM City North Reclamation Area, through a special preview of his TV commercial with Uratex.

Guidicelli will be endorsing Uratex, a brand that provides quality sleep comfort and support without breaking the budget. The innovative Uratex Airlite Cool, for example, is formulated with Sleep Cool® Technology, using open-cell foam that effectively lets air flow freely. Known for its breathability, its side panel uses 3D Spacer fabric so you feel refreshed while you sleep. Its comfort layers offer a medium-firm feel, distributing the pressure evenly.

“Uratex has been helping generations of Filipino families sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. It’s a legacy that we are proud of and inspires us to bring in the best technology to provide the best sleep solutions,” explains Peachy C. Medina, Managing Director, Polyfoam RGC International, the makers of Uratex.

Each product is made using Uratex Quali-5 Cellular Technology. It is a collection of five qualities and technologies that ensure all foams the company produces are of high and world-class quality: Strong Adherence to Quality, ISO 9001 Accreditation, State-of-the-Art Equipment and Machinery, World-Class Formulation and Process Engineering Technology, and Usage of Best Raw Materials.

Cherry Wong-Tan, the Marketing Director of Uratex Philippines, explains ‘The One for Uratex’ campaign further: “What we want is for people to appreciate and instill in their minds the value of sleep. People are too focused on work that they neglect to get proper sleep. Some are sleep-deprived, that’s why they can’t perform well the next day. Even children need to sleep well, in a healthy position, to perform well in school.”

Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex | Cebu Finest

With his Italian-Cebuano blood, Guidicelli embodies a personable, amicable persona with a genuine background and experience with the brand.

At the launch, Uratex Classic Mattresses will be on display for mall-goers to admire—and eventually, buy. Among the impressive selections of the line are the Uratex Airlite, Edge mattress, and the newly launched Ivory Dreams Pillows.

SM Home, a Uratex partner of long-standing, transformed the North Wing of SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area (NRA) into a bedroom showcase.

“We’re so honored and humbled that Uratex has chosen to begin the celebration of the company’s momentous milestone with SM Home. Uratex has always been a strong and reliable business partner, and we congratulate them for continuing to serve as a leader in the production of high-grade quality foams,” says SM Home’s assistant vice president of marketing Tom Castaneda.

“And as SM is commemorating 60 years in the retail industry, we join Uratex in what’s turning out to be an exciting double celebration! Here’s to our continued partnership for many more milestones to come.”

Matteo Guidicelli picks his one sleeping partner, sings live in Cebu for Uratex | Cebu Finest

Before the year ends, Uratex will open three new factories in Butuan, General Santos, and Bacolod, raising the total to 21 nationwide. Its 13th showroom will open in Mandaluyong.

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Even as it celebrates its Golden Year, Uratex is already looking forward to the next 50 years as every Filipino’s sleeping partner, and as it strives to remain true to the mission and mantra of its founder, Robert G. Cheng: “We will not stop until we give every Filipino a comfortable and affordable mattress to lie on.”

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