Mayward’s “Princess Dayareese” airs on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View this New Year

Star Cinema kicks-off 2021 in royal fashion as the popular loveteam of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber pair up once more in the romantic-comedy flick “Princess DayaReese,” now showing on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View, distributed by CineXpress.

Mayward's "Princess Dayareese" air on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View this New Year | CebuFinest

Mayward’s “Princess Dayareese” airs on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View this New Year

The rom-com film, directed by Barry Gonzalez, follows the misadventures of Reese (Maymay) — a con artist who dreams of living the lavish royal life. Her wish unexpectedly comes true as she meets her uncanny look-alike—Princess Ulap (Maymay) of the mysterious kingdom of Oro. The princess, who has been planning to escape her grandiose lifestyle, then offers Reese a huge amount of money to switch places with her.

Upon her crazy quest to pretend as a well-respected princess, she meets Caleb (Edward), a young reporter who is filming a documentary about Oro island. Unfortunately for Reese, he knows about her secret. But things get a little complicated as Caleb falls in love with the fake princess.

Will Reese’s pretending lead to a happy ending with her prince charming, or will the truth make her grand dream a mess?

Avid moviegoers and MayWard fans alike can experience Reese’s wacky misadventures in Princess DayaReese in high-definition and commercial-free on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View, showing until January 21. Subscribe for only ₱150 and enjoy 48-hour access upon purchase at the comfort of your home.

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Subscribers with SKYcable, SKY Fiber with HD Cable TV, and SKY Fiber with All-In Box subscription can avail of this special pay-per-view offer. Visit to subscribe.

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