MSMEs in Cebu can now avail of RCF loans online

MSMEs that are pushed to the wall in Cebu because of the COVID-19 pandemic can breathe easier starting October 14, 2020, as the Right Choice Finance Corporation (RCF) will be launching their fast and easy online lifeline. RCF is a premier provider of MSME and consumer loans through its digital business platform that incorporates versatile financing products and revolutionary HR software. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Right Choice Capital Pte. Ltd. headquartered in Singapore.

MSMEs that are pushed to the wall in Cebu because of the COVID-19 pandemic can breathe easier starting October 14, 2020 | CebuFinest

MSMEs in Cebu can now avail of RCF loans online

The Human Resource Information System ( HRIS), its new product offering, is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to centralize and streamline their HR management tasks through an automated experience that eliminates manual labor. It comes with cash advance applications that help workers to conveniently and efficiently submit and collect cash advances. Considering the difficulty in navigating regular processes today, RCF presents a comprehensive solution and lending platform for MSMEs.

With its digital banking functionality, RCF customers will obtain their funds after request, review, and approval within 24-48 hours. The disbursement of funds is through the RCF e-wallet, which helps users to easily control their funds, pay their bills, and electronically transfer money. RCF’s digital platform and e-wallet services also enable them to provide unique investment options and competitive returns to clients.

With its digital banking functionality, RCF clients can receive their funds within 24-48 hours after submission, evaluation, and approval. | CebuFinest

In 2016, RCF began operations in Metro Manila and has since spawned in North and South Luzon in nearby provinces. Now, in the bustling city of Cebu, RCF is widening its scope, offering business solutions to local MSMEs to help them grow.

According to RCF’s Founder and Managing Director, James Kodrowski, Cebu is strategic. The business industry is expected to quickly recover considering the entrepreneurial spirit of Cebuanos and the location.

MSME owners in Cebu can avail of customized loan options to survive and even expand during this uncertain Covid-19 times. “RCF is a B2B company. To help Cebu businesses bounce back, we will be here to provide that vital support across all stages of MSME development,” said Kodrowski.

To keep them working and rising through this tough period, business loans are available to entrepreneurs. Consumers may, meanwhile, apply for personal loans to finance their needs for lodging, cars, schooling, and other things.

“Our customers have expressed a delightful experience through flexible, fast, and seamless digital loan disbursement,” said Kodrowski.

Business loans are available to entrepreneurs to keep them going and growing during this difficult time. | CebuFinest

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RCF is indeed the right option for business owners in Cebu, especially during this era of the pandemic, considering the broad variety of smart solutions they provide that are aimed at helping MSMEs with their needs.

To know more about RCF, visit their website or email them at

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