Scribe: Rediscovered and Re-branded

Scribe Writing Essentials desires to shift the trend and revive handwriting with pen and paper through their carefully curated products. It started as a specialty store offering a wide range of products showcasing classic and premium quality pens, stationery, journals, and notebooks.

Scribe: Rediscovered and Re-branded | Cebu Finest

Capturing the passion of writing in the traditional form

Scribe Writing Essentials became known for its wide range of internationally well-known fountain pen selection such as Pelikan, Sailor Japan, Platinum Japan, TWSB I, Kaweco, J. Herbin, and Noodler’s among others. It has taken pleasure in sourcing new and exciting premium writing products and accessories that continues to capture the interest of its discerning customers.

Today, writing has taken a new path in the Philippines with the resurgence of calligraphy and other handwritten artforms. Artists are showing more interest in expressing their art by using traditional writing mediums than digital ones. People are now doodling more, sketching, using the brush and even dipping pens to create impressive works of art.

Scribe: Rediscovered and Re-branded | Cebu Finest

What started as a single retail store in Metro Manila in 2009 has now reached out to its market with a total of seven stores in the Philippines: five in Metro Manila and two are located in Cebu. Recently, it has also launched its e-commerce website making it easier for people from other parts of the country to purchase through online shopping.

From Scribe Writing Essentials to Scribe

Formerly known as Scribe Writing Essentials, it is now reintroducing itself as simply Scribe. The new brand still offers writing instruments but is adding more accessories that enhance the whole writing experience. It has recently introduced niche brands with a core following such as Tools to Live By, High tide, Penco, and Nahe.

Scribe: Rediscovered and Re-branded | Cebu Finest

“Scribe’s rebrand has been getting great feedback. This comes from both our loyal customers as well as the millennial market. The shop feels more accessible and we’ve brought in new products and brands that pique their interest. We now have Nahe, Penco, Tools to Live By, and Hightide,” Scribe President and General Manager, Marian Ong enthused.

To encourage the brand’s direction, Scribe celebrated the launch with an exclusive #ShopAtScribe shopping party for their fans and friends from the media. Guests happily explored the space, discovered old and new favorites to #GiftMyScribe, and selected their top picks.

They also aim to reach out to the younger market, specifically the millennials, and encourage them to start enjoying the art of writing. With this in mind, they have adapted a new look which reflects a younger feel and more welcoming ambiance.

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They may have adapted a new look but their vision remains the same, which is to bring back the passion in the traditional form of writing. Scribe brings you back to the time when the pen is still a part of you.

Scribe: Rediscovered and Re-branded | Cebu Finest

They can be found at the following locations: Eastwood Mall, Shangri-La, Glorietta 4, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, SM Cebu, Ayala Mall Cebu, and online at their Official e-commerce website. You can also find them on Facebook at and on Instagram.

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