Shell’s state of the art retail station rises in Cebu

General Maxilom Avenue–more popularly known as Mango Avenue, one of Cebu City’s major entertainment spots—is now home to Shell’s next-generation retail station.

Shell’s state of the art retail station rises in Cebu | Cebu Finest

Shell’s state of the art retail station rises in Cebu

Officially opening to the public last March 15th, Shell Mango Station boasts of a wide range of features designed to cater to the specific needs of the community surrounding it.

“This station’s concept was co-created by Shell with the University of San Carlos students and faculty, to make sure that we offer is relevant to them” Ricky Altonaga, Pilipinas Shell District Manager for Visayas, said. “We designed Shell Mango to be an oasis, a community hub where students can study at the second floor of our two-story Shell Select while public transportation is accessible to commuters at the PUV terminal that we have on-site,” he added.

Mango Avenue is home a number of restaurants, educational institutions, malls, churches, banks, and other establishments.

“We believe that Mango Avenue is geographically strategic as the location of our pioneering station,” reveals Kit Bermudez, Pilipinas Shell Retail Marketing and Strategy Director. “And of course this is our way of giving back to our loyal Cebuano customers who have been supporting Shell for a long time.”

Aside from offering world-class, high-quality fuels Shell V-Power and Shell FuelSave, the site also hosts a Shell Helix Oilchange+ that offers reliable but affordable oil change packages and other vehicle care services.

Motorists can find respite in Shell Select and Deli2go, which offer a wide range of items such as filling meals, snacks to go, fresh food and drinks, and local delicacies. Food options are aplenty as you can also get your fill from kiosks like Potato Corner, Shawarma, and Bubble Tea Station.

Shell’s state of the art retail station rises in Cebu | Cebu Finest

As part of Shell’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting more sustainable practices, Shell Mango features green elements such as solar panels to help cut down energy costs and a self-irrigating plant wall to cut down the station’s carbon footprint. It also has a rain-water collector that allows the station to use run-off water for the plants in the landscaped area. The site also uses Knoxout exterior paint to convert air pollutants into breathable air. The station also fully utilizes LED lighting and inverter technology for chillers and air conditioning units for better energy efficiency.

Shell’s state of the art retail station rises in Cebu | Cebu Finest

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“As part of our 105 years celebration of partnering with the Philippines in nation-building, we are truly proud and excited to bring this enhanced retail experience to our beloved Cebuano customers,” Bermudez added.

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