Stay safe at home with GCash! Your new Super Life App that keeps you connected, even with essentials

We’re not going to lie but working and staying at home as far as it has definitely got its own ups and downs. One of which is the struggle that we’ve been told many times to avoid crowded spaces, and try ordering food in through delivery apps. With so many apps to juggle and run through, we’re glad that GCash provides us with the option to have one super life app to pay your bills, manage your expenses, and now shop for all your essentials in just one touch with GLife!

Stay safe at home with GCash! Your new Super Life App that keeps you connected, even with essentials | CebuFinest

Stay safe at home with GCash! Your new Super Life App that keeps you connected, even with essentials

To successfully stay safe at home while making sure your essentials are fully stocked and ready, here are ten (10) things that you need that you can get while you keep connected with GCash, your new Super Life App:

1) Delicious food

Fast food or fine dining? From Italian pasta to burgers and fries, all these and more can be delivered to your home through GLife. Craving for your favorite pasta? Click on Mama Lou’s Italian cuisine or if you need something fast and filling, select McDonald’s. For desserts, go for Goldilocks then cap off your meal with coffee from Bo’s Coffee or Gong Cha milk tea.

2) Hygiene kits

Good hygiene is our first line of defense. Keep your home and loved ones safe by purchasing alcohol, soap, sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and more at PureGo on GLife and have it safely delivered to you on the same day.

3) Pantry needs

PureGo offers affordable grocery items. They have all your pantry needs like fruits and vegetables, snacks, dairy products, and more. Chingolo Deli can even provide your fresh meat needs. Also, be sure to catch the exclusive promos and discounts for online shoppers on GLife.

4) Ready-to-eat homecooked meals

If you’re craving food that tastes like mom prepared it for you, you can just order that too. GLife’s partner store, Kitchen City, offers rice meals with your favorite dish. No hassle ─ just reheat and eat!

5) Fab hair care

Healthy hair is an indication that our body is healthy, too. Make your quarantine hair as fabulous as ever for non-stop online meetings and huddles. With HairMNL’s exclusive packages and discounts on hair care products, your crowning glory will be surely healthy and beautiful!

6) Books galore

Books can keep you entertained during these times of isolation. Reading books can be your way to escape the problems and stress of life and this pandemic. Not to mention, they’re a great way to learn new things to advance your career or improve your personal life. Grab the best books from Fully Booked with GLife.

7) Comfy activewear

The pandemic isn’t an excuse to skip your workouts. If anything, now it’s more important than ever to keep your body healthy and active. Motivate yourself to exercise with great activewear from Recess.

8) Exciting games

Reward your hard work by purchasing the latest games with exclusive deals via GLife’s exclusive partner, Datablitz, Goama Games, and GameOne. On GLife, you can conveniently order online games that you have been eyeing for a while. Pre-orders are also accepted for the newest games.

9) Cocktails

Missing those Friday nights out with your friends? Send them these Boozy drinks and get that online party started! Boozy is a 90-minute liquor delivery process within Metro Manila available on GLife.

10) Latest gadgets

Get an exclusive pass on discounted Cherry gadgets via GLife’s Cherry Shop. From mobile devices to tablets to even air fryers, these can all be purchased through GLife. Check out the hot deals on GLife’s Cherry Shop.

Stay safe at home with GCash! Your new Super Life App that keeps you connected, even with essentials | CebuFinest

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Not yet on GCash? Register with GCash and download the mobile app for free on Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users, or Huawei Gallery and shop all your essentials conveniently and safely on GLife.

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