Teleperformance upskills people for the workplace of the future

Teleperformance Philippines recently launched a new learning platform to hone the talent and knowledge of its professional teams who are helping to drive the digital transformation journeys for both domestic and global clients.

Teleperformance upskills people for the workplace of the future | CebuFinest

Teleperformance upskills people for the workplace of the future

The Teleperformance Automation Academy is an expert-facilitated mentorship program for learning, incubating, developing, and deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

These RPA solutions are software bots that automate repetitive, high-volume tasks by using a combination of automation, computer vision, and machine learning.

The academy’s participants are people recognized and nominated by their line leaders for their experience in project management and client-program relations. These can include account team leaders, project managers, and members of client-facing teams.

Scholars of the Automation Academy are enrolled in a three-month program that enables them to conceptualize, develop, and implement bots with the help of TP’s global in-house experts, tools, and technologies.

As part of the TAP digital transformation framework, the Automation Academy aims to make digital transformation and integration for people and businesses simpler, faster, and safer for organizations so they can better adapt to the on-demand needs of disruptive situations, as well as fast-changing market conditions.

“Having experienced and professional teams capable of ideation for improved efficiencies, as well as boosting performance and results would further deepen our conversations with clients as we guide them through a seamless digital transformation journey,” says Teleperformance Philippines Chief Operating Officer Mike Lytle.

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“We are proud of this innovative Automation Academy program led by Vice President of Automation Ravi Bhatia. This is an important part of our Technology, Analytics, Process Excellence (TAP) transformation framework we are rolling out to across the organization, and we look forward to the meaningful impact that its scholars will have for our clients,” Lytle said.

To learn more about Teleperformance Philippines and its business solutions, you may visit their website or their Facebook Page today.

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