Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App

With the rise of travel apps and websites, travelers can now have amazing flight and hotel accommodation deals right at their fingertips. No more long lines, no more hassle, and no more boring music while you’re put on hold over the telephone.

The challenge now is, which booking app to choose?

Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App | Cebu Finest
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Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App

Meet Traveloka, a smartphone app for booking the best-priced flights and hotel accommodations most especially for travels in Southeast Asia. With this mobile app, you can have your flights or hotel booked under 60 minutes—already chose the cheapest price offered, paid the dues (via credit card), and got a copy of your e-voucher.

Available to both Android and Apple iOS devices, the Traveloka app is easy to navigate, simple yet amazing user-interface experience, and the best of all, the app is absolutely FREE. Using the Traveloka app to book your flights and hotel will give you not only the convenience you need from the hectic queues and complicated processes, prices are also discounted with either using the app itself or having a coupon code for ongoing promos.

Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App | Cebu Finest
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Over 100,000 flight routes and 100,000 hotels around the globe. The app is available for users with languages from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. You can find the best price for all flights, hotels and best budget rooms.

How to book a hotel with Traveloka app

Once you are done downloading the app from Google Play Store (for Android) or Apple App Store (iOS), all you need to do is prepare is an active mobile number, an email address and the personal details of whoever is traveling or staying in a hotel room. You also need to have your payments ready: cash for paying the dues via a payment center or a valid credit card. Mode of payments accepted is endless.

Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App | Cebu Finest

While on the homepage of the Traveloka app, you will be presented with tabs and options for your travel and hotel accommodation bookings. Traveloka will be giving the user an interface that is easy to use and competitive choices for both flights and hotels.

To make your booking much faster and easier, register an account with Traveloka using your email address or active mobile number. Don’t forget to nominate a secure password for your account.

Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App | Cebu Finest

For booking a hotel, you can do a search for the specific hotel you wish to have bookings with or look for one nearest to where you are currently located. This “Hotels near you” option is relevant to those who are traveling to foreign places and they haven’t had planned for their accommodation yet.

You can set your check-in dates, duration of stay, the total number of guests and number of rooms. If all necessary details needed are provided, the app will then provide you information about the hotel, its main facilities, location map, establishments near the hotel, descriptions, and policy. You may also check and see the ratings and reviews from previous guests if you are keen on this type of information.

At the bottom of the hotel information page is the basic room type and its current price offered on the Traveloka app. You can expand to more options if you swipe up the screen. Once you have selected a specific room, you are then required to fill in your personal details and contact information. A space to type in a special request is also available if you have one.

Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App | Cebu Finest

Along with the contact details are the information of your check-in and check-out dates, room types and other information like cancellation processes, refunds, etc. When you choose to continue, you are presented with the review page of all the information you provided.

Modes of Payment Accepted at Traveloka

Traveloka: An easy-to-use Flights and Hotel Booking App | Cebu Finest

There are three (3) primary modes of payments: Credit/debit cards, over-the-counter, and bank counters.

Credit/debit cards. Traveloka accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
Over-the-Counter. 7-Eleven, M. Lhuillier, BDO, Cebuana Lhuillier
Bank Counters. BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Landbank, UCPB, RCBC, ChinaBank

On the payment page, if you have a promo code or if Traveloka offers deals with coupon codes, you can input the code to avail the promo deal.

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To give you a closer look at the Traveloka app, here’s a simple walk-through video on how to book a hotel with Traveloka using an iPhone.

For more details about Traveloka, visit their website at today. You can download the app on Google Play Store or at the Apple App Store for free.

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