Upfront fares implemented to Uber rides in Cebu

At Uber, they always try to give their riders the most seamless riding experience possible, from the moment they request a ride to the time they’re dropped off at their destination. They have announced last January 27, 2017, that they are rolling out upfront fares in Cebu.

Upfront fares implemented to Uber rides in Cebu | Cebu Finest

The riders simply enter the pick-up and drop-off locations, and they will be able to get a quoted fare before they even request a ride.

Uber implements upfront fares for rides in Cebu

Upfront fares will be calculated using the trip’s expected time and distance and will take into consideration the traffic situation and availability of drivers at the time of the request. When fares go up due to increased demand, instead of surge notifications and estimated fares on uberX, riders will be quoted the actual price of the trip, so they are informed of what they will pay before they request.

Now, riders can know before they go, so they can always decide what works for them and their budget.

Download the Uber app on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Multiple stops and surge rides with Uber

If riders have multiple stops or have to change destination mid-trip, fares will simply fall back to the original time and distance rates. When this happens, the final fare to be charged will differ from the upfront fare quoted at the start of the trip.

This new way of showing fare accounts for a surge but provides the rider with more precise information upfront. For example, instead of seeing that a fare will cost 1.5x, the rider would see that the trip will cost ₱150. This is aimed at providing riders with more information immediately.

Upfront fares, however, are not applicable to scheduled rides. Riders who scheduled their rides will still be given estimated fare based on time and distance.

Another change that riders will notice in using the UBER app is the changing of car icon color depending on the car they will be having the ride with.

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*applicable only to new Uber riders.

  • This is good. At least I dont’t have to do math whenever a surge is ineffect. Its so hard to multiply with decimal haha.

  • This is good! Helps us cheapskates check if fare is within our alloted budget. I’m still old school though, I prefer jeepney or regular cab hahaha.

  • This is good news! I honestly prefer Uber (and its counterparts) instead of the usual regular and airport taxis. Too many horror stories.

  • GoodFoodTrip

    I think Uber is doing a great job! I love to use Uber but it’s difficult when you don’t know exactly how much you’d expect to pay at the end of the trip.

  • Wellbein Borja

    UBER have always been my choice compared to the others. Upfront fares are definitely very helpful.. (Y)

  • Philipp Tan

    This update from UBER will be quite useful on my next series of trips here in Cebu.


    This is a good news. At least now you will know how much you are shelling out before you ride. I have tried UBER in Manila and it is really convenient.

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