10 Free Things that you should do when in Cebu

Are you planning to visit Cebu? You’re in for a treat. There are a lot of things you can do in Cebu, and if you get tired of city life, the province has great beaches and dive sites too. There are many hotels and other types of accommodations in Cebu City, the province’s capital, from super budget to luxury that you can choose for a comfy stay. Just make sure to book in advance so that you can get the room you want without any hassles.

10 Free Things that you should do when in Cebu

10 Free Things that you should do when in Cebu | Cebu Finest
A pristine beach in Santander, a place you should visit at the Southernmost tip of Cebu

Budget travelers need not worry, as aside from cheap places to stay in Cebu, there are free things to do in the province as well. Here are just some of them.

1) Watch the sunrise

Cebu is known for amazing sunrises. The best place to do this activity is in the eastern area of Cebu. Particularly from Santander, right through to Malapascua Island. Sunrises in these areas really are well worth getting up for in the mornings.

2) Go For A Hike Up The Mountains

While we are talking about sunrises, going on a hike up one of the superb mountains in Cebu is fantastic for this. It does not even matter if you are not located in the eastern area of Cebu. There are many different mountains within this city to hike up. Most of them do not require a tourist guide, like the fantastic Osmena Peak.

3) Go Camping

Do you enjoy camping? Then many of the mountains have a variety of free camping spots suitable for tourists. If you would rather not camp on a mountain, then consider camping at any of Cebu’s public beaches. You are not required to pay for any of these camping facilities.

4) Visit The Beach For A Swim

Cebu has a huge number of beaches around the city. They are all unique and spectacular at the same time. In particular, Bantayan Island has some stunning beaches worth visiting. Accommodation at these beaches is all free. All you need is a tent. Why not enjoy a swim or two while you are at it. You can be sure you will be in for an experience to remember.

5) Visit Cebu’s Plazas

The plazas in Cebu are a great place to go walking. At these places, you will be able to breathe in the natural scenery. You can take as much time as you want here. It does not matter which plaza you are at. You can be sure they are all beautiful in their own way.

6) Tree Climbing

Many of the trees in Cebu are made for climbing. Why not climb a tree and enjoy the views. This is a great activity to do if you enjoy taking photographs. You are sure to get some stunning views of the city.

7) Take Photographs of Scenery and Landscape

Are you a photographer? Do you enjoy taking photos just for fun? Then we can assure you that Cebu is a true haven for those who love photography. What a great way to take in the landscape and scenery that Cebu has to offer than through photography.

8) Participate in some walking tours at historic sites

There are a very large number of historic sites in and around Cebu City. They all have their individual and unique structures that go back as far as the Spanish colonial era. Cebu City has its own Magellan’s Cross which is well worth visiting. Fort San Pedro and Colon Street are a must visit. All of them are within a few minutes walk away from each other.

9) Check Out Old Church Buildings

Christianity originally began in Cebu City in the Philippines. As a result of this, there are a large number of old church buildings within the area. It does not matter what town or city you visit, you can be sure that there will be a Catholic church there. These buildings have a lot of interesting history about them that is worth discovering.

10) Window Shop

Cebu City has a huge variety of shops and malls to visit. These include Robinsons, Ayala Center, Star Mall, SM City Cebu, Park Mall, and much more. There are also many malls outside of the city worth visiting. It does not matter if you cannot afford to go shopping. They are fantastic for doing some great window shopping.

As you can see, there are many free things that tourists can do in Cebu. Make sure to include this in your itinerary when you visit the province.

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