Observing Proper Etiquette While Staying at a Hotel

Paying for your accommodations does not give you the right to do as you please in a hotel. Basic human decency dictates that you act appropriately and with dignity. This applies to whatever hotel you are staying in, whether it offers only the bare minimum or provides the most luxurious staycation experience.

Observing Proper Etiquette While Staying at a Hotel | CebuFinest

Observing Proper Etiquette While Staying at a Hotel

But just in case you need an introduction or a refresher on how to conduct yourself while staying at a hotel, consider the guide below about proper hotel etiquette.

Respect Hotel Property

While nothing in the hotel is your property, you should nonetheless treat everything as if it is yours. That means you should respect all the things you see and use, and make sure that you are careful with them. You would not want a guest to ruin or misplace anything in your home, right? Likewise, hoteliers would not want their guests to be careless with anything at the hotel—this includes the facilities, the room appliances, or even the fixtures. This is one of the reasons hotel management usually asks for a deposit and imposes penalties on guests who damage hotel property. But even without these provisions, you are still expected to do the right thing, which is to take good care of everything the hotel owns.

Respect Hotel Personnel

Just as you must respect hotel property, you are also expected to respect hotel personnel. In fact, showing respect to the staff is something you are supposed to do as a human being. That said, be courteous to everyone on the staff, including the parking attendants, concierge, doormen, restaurant servers, and maintenance people. Even if they make a mistake, take the high road and respectfully discuss the matter with them. Remember, the way you treat hotel personnel is a reflection of your true character, so try to always put your best foot forward.

Observing Proper Etiquette While Staying at a Hotel | CebuFinest

Turn the Volume Down

You are not the only guest staying at the hotel. You need to be cognizant of this fact all the time and be considerate of your next-room neighbors. A good way to do so is to keep the volume as low as possible so as not to disturb the guests in the other rooms. In short, try to minimize the noise as much as you can. You can, for instance, turn down the music by a few decibels or refrain from shouting or talking loudly. These are simple displays of courtesy, but they will go a long way in ensuring that everyone’s stay is as relaxing as it can be.

Keep within the Headcount

Hotels have a maximum pax (i.e. guest) capacity so they can offer optimum service to everyone. So, stick to your room’s headcount by not inviting any more than what your room can accommodate. In other words, if you have booked a room for three, make sure only three people are staying there. Not only is it the honest thing to do, but it will also ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Observe Basic Etiquette and Manners

One trick to keep in mind to make sure you are acting appropriately is to just follow proper etiquette and show good manners. For instance, make it a habit to say “Please,” “Excuse me,” and “Thank you” where applicable. You can also display a positive, vibrant attitude by wearing a ready smile and cheering people up. Avoid unruly behavior, too, as well as things that people are sure to find gross, like picking your nose in public, burping out loud, and coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth.

Observing Proper Etiquette While Staying at a Hotel | CebuFinest

Tidy Up When You Go

Just because someone is coming to clean up your mess does not mean you should leave your room all grimy and disheveled. Instead, try to practice CLAYGO—clean as you go—by throwing your trash in the trash bin and putting things in order. Remember, you are not being asked to clean your room spotless, but you are expected not to leave it a big mess. So, where possible, do not leave food crumbs and other items scattered around the room, avoid leaving wet glasses on furniture and refrain from soiling or staining carpets and mattresses.

Take Part in the Survey

Hotels nowadays ask guests to fill out a survey to get feedback. Doing so is a way for management to identify staff who deserve commendation, deal with problems, and determine best practices to continue. Unfortunately, lots of guests refuse to answer these surveys, maybe because they deem it a nuisance. Do not be one of those guests! Rather, take time to fill out the hotel’s survey and answer as truthfully as possible. By offering a bit of your time and your honesty, you are giving management the information it needs to improve.

Observing Proper Etiquette While Staying at a Hotel | CebuFinest

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The next time you book a hotel in Pasay City, in Cebu City, or anywhere else, be it here in the Philippines or around the world, make sure you practice the above tips. Remember, observing proper etiquette while staying at a hotel helps ensure a relaxing and hassle-free time not only for you but also for your fellow guests.

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