Cebu and its best places to visit for an ultimate vacation

Next to Manila, Cebu reigns as the country’s capital with its economy, investment ventures, transportation, population, historical and cultural treasures, and one of the Philippines’ ultimate vacation destinations for both local and tourists.

Cebu's best places to visit for an ultimate vacation - Cebu's Ultimate Vacation | Cebu Finest

Cebu and its best places to visit for an ultimate vacation

Cebu is one of the richest tourist spots in the Philippines which attract both local and international tourists. With the easy accessibility via port and runway, one cannot miss the opportunity to get to explore and experience the beauty of its nature and people.

Sinulog Festival

The first, most popular Sinulog Festival is held every 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu City. It embraces the annual cultural and religious Catholic celebration in honor of Sto. Niño, the holy child of Cebu. The festival yearly attracts 1-2 million people to witness the grand celebration and experience the culture in the region. It’s a day of flamboyant festivities through street dancing and presentations that embody historical folk music, culture, and traditional attire.

A City Tour

The top historical places and museums in Cebu are Magellan’s Cross, Heritage of Cebu Monument, Fort San Pedro, Plaza Independencia, and Sugbo Museum.

These places signify the pre and post-colonial eras in the country and symbolize the strong participation of Cebuanos in our history through bravery and passion for attaining our independence. Some of the known Spanish influencers are Ferdinand Magellan who was the first European to visit the Philippines and also introduces Christianity; and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi who was a military defense leader in Fort San Pedro.

While the Heritage of Cebu Monument is a group of sculptures made of concrete, bronze, brass, and steel conspiring the major events and structures related to the history of Cebu by Eduardo Castrillo, a local artist.

Plaza Independencia is a significant plaza and popular hangout in Cebu City. It is a garden full of trees, ornamental flowers, and plants to soothe the beauty of nature in the middle of the city.

The Temple of Leah considers Cebu’s Taj Mahal - Cebu's Ultimate Vacation | CebuFinest

Aside from the above-mentioned historical places, Cebu also has the Temple of Leah and the Taoist Temple which are of different representations. The Temple of Leah considers Cebu’s Taj Mahal. It showed the great love of a husband to his late wife, owned by Adarna Family, and later on, opened to the public. It was inspired by Roman architectural structures.

The Chinese community in Cebu built Taoist Temple which is open to all worshippers and non-worshippers unlike the other temples in the region. A glimpse of ancient teachings of Lao Zi and their philosophy about the scriptures. The entrance to the place is a replica of the Great Wall of China.

You may ask to include these locations when you book a service for an amazing Cebu City Tour experience. With first-class diverse attractions, Cebu is one of the ultimate vacation destinations in the country, and touring around is easy with many options to include.

The beauty of Sirao Garden

Many provinces may have a botanical garden but the top trending flower garden is situated in Cebu City which ruled the country’s social media posts because of its instagrammable photo spots and its undying beauty and colors of flowers. People do enjoy the sites with a hundred pictures taken, smell the scent of the nature cold-breeze throughout the place, and indulge themselves with the different varieties of a thousand flowers.

Ultimate South Cebu Adventure

In South Cebu, we can find the famous thrilling, adrenaline-water fun activities of the region, such as canyoneering in Kawasan Falls, whale shark watching in Sumilon Island and Tumalog Falls in Oslob, and marine sanctuary and diving site in Moalboal Beach. These activities are best experienced with a group of friends or families. Note that these also captivate the heart and soul of every adrenaline junkie.

Cebu's best places to visit for an ultimate vacation | Cebu Finest

White sand beaches

Cebu, the port trade hub, may somehow refer the region to some beaches along its coast. One of the most talked about online blogs is Malapascua Island for its white sand water beauty and world-famous diving site, which would really say “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” It is 6.8 km offshore and located on the northern coast of Cebu. Though it is a tiny island, there are several named beaches on it that you can choose from.

Also, people go and see Bantayan Island, Camotes Island, Badian Island, and Alcoy Island alongside Malapascua. Indeed, island hopping can be considered done while in the city to seize and enjoy the moment.

Tops Lookout

Tops Lookout is Cebu’s best-kept secret and a special place for every Cebuano, for which one can see the 360-view of the city, Mactan, and a part of Bohol. A great time to be here is during sunrise and sunset to appreciate the modern,-fortress’ breathtaking view of the entire city. People will also appreciate the architectural design of the place making it one of the best Cebu City Attractions for traveling.

Cebu's best places to visit for an ultimate vacation | Cebu Finest

Best tasting lechon in Cebu

“Lechon! Lechon! Lechon mo diha.” When in Cebu, lechon is a must. Definitely, the pride of the Visayas region is because no one can beat the most delicious lechon with its aroma, texture, and flavoring. Across the metro, we can find Lydia’s Lechon and Rico’s Lechon but let’s admit the experience matter to eat it in Cebu when traveling.

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Indeed, Cebu has a first-class highly urbanized lifestyle, and traveling is made easy and convenient enriched with a number of historical and cultural heritage places, fun-thrilling water adventures, white sand beaches, and the best-tasting lechon of the country. A complete tour within the region and a package of experiences that are all waiting to go, see, explore, and fall in love with Cebu, its beauty, nature, and locals.

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