Make Room for an XTREME Makeover

Been saving up to fill your dream home? Why wait for months when you can afford now? XTREME, a Filipino brand under Suntouch Technology Corporation, promises world-class quality appliances at guaranteed best prices in the market. With 1,500 stores and over 150 accredited service centers nationwide, reward yourself with a premium lifestyle you know you have always deserved, without hurting your budget.

Make Room for an XTREME Makeover | Cebu Finest

Make Room for an XTREME Makeover

Manufactured with Filipinos in mind, XTREME recognizes how they continuously work hard to achieve their aspirations and are constantly in search of things that will provide the best value to their hard-earned money.

XTREME celebrates with Filipinos, who constantly strive hard to provide their families a good life and rightfully regard them as ‘life champions’. The brand understands that for these life champions, the best home appliances have always been an aspiration. These items not only enable them to enjoy life better, but they see them as a reward.

As their new home partner in life, with XTREME, Filipinos no longer have to settle with what they can afford, but not necessarily want. XTREME’s accessible products make it possible for them to go for the lifestyle they want.

Life champions can enjoy a roster of products from XTREME, including a range of Smart TVs, various types of air-conditioning systems, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Smart TVs

Available in 32”, 43”, 49”, 55” and 65” screens, XTREME’s Smart TV series features up to 4K UHD quality. Variants are also offered a built-in Soundbar by Puresound speakers, making one’s viewing experience more enjoyable and engaging.

Make Room for an XTREME Makeover | Cebu Finest
The MF32000s with built-in sound bar and Netflix/YouTube capability

Home Theatre System

Elevate your watching experience with an impressive set of audio systems in your own house. It doesn’t have to be a complete surround sound setup—your Smart TV added with any Xtreme speakers will definitely change the way you watch.

Air Conditioning Systems

Keep your homes cooler with XTREME’s wide range of air-conditioning systems that can cater to all kinds of homes and even light commercial spaces. Inverter units are also available as a more sustainable alternative.

Make Room for an XTREME Makeover | Cebu Finest
The XACWT10i Window Type and XACFS3 Floor Standing XTREME AC System


Sleek kitchens are now easier to achieve with XTREME’s line of refrigerators and freezers. Choose from Top Freezer, Single Door and Chest Freezer variants, and start making that dream kitchen come to life.

Make Room for an XTREME Makeover | Cebu Finest
The XCOOL-DD256NF Top Freezer Refrigerator

Washing Machines

No laundry load is too much with XTREME’s washing machine units. Choose from twin-tub, top load or front load units, and let our units do the dirty job, so you sit back and relax.

Make Room for an XTREME Makeover | Cebu Finest
The XWMTL-0007 (Top Load) and XWMFL-0009 (Front Load) XTREME Washing Machines

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For more information on XTREME products, visit their website at and their Official Facebook Page.

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