The rising demand for Bus Wi-Fi In-Flight Entertainment

People do not want to lose connectivity for a minute. This is because of their heavy reliance on mobile devices. During a journey to work or back home, passengers try to carry out tasks that they cannot find the time to do at work, and most require an internet connection. Most passengers also use their travel time to catch up with the outside world and to do fun stuff, like shopping online, watching TV, and checking news and social media updates.

The rising demand of Bus Wi-Fi In-Flight Entertainment | Cebu Finest

The rising demand for Bus Wi-Fi In-Flight Entertainment

Having the option to stay connected, relax, and be entertained undoubtedly makes your journey stress-free and worthwhile, whether the journey will take a long time or is just a short commute to work.

A cloud engine that is AI-powered intelligently manages Si-Fi 100, the integrated cognitive heterogeneous mobile network (Het-Net) router and media gateway. The systems make uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi internet readily available to bus passengers. It also helps passengers easily access locally stored contents (contents stored in the bus), and stream them directly to their mobile devices. This helps the bus operator to significantly save costs, as content being streamed with internet connectivity is not needed.

Also, the bus operator, wireless carrier, and media content providers enjoy extra income while helping passengers enjoy a pleasant journey with low-cost Wi-Fi access and entertainment.

Multimedia content

Media content is stored in the mobile gateway’s solid-state drives (SSD) on the bus. The SSD is operated remotely via the cloud from a principal location. The media content can be accessed by passengers using their phones, tablets, and laptops over the Wi-Fi network, requiring no additional application.

Media content is completely managed by operators. They upload, remove, and organize content. They also have full access to content usage statistics, such as the number of views, which gives them a clear insight into passengers’ preferences.

Internet access

Wi-Fi in the vehicle makes it possible for operators to provide wireless internet access for passengers. This service may be offered to passengers free of charge, or it may include a free basic plan as well as a premium plan, which requires passengers to pay for high-speed connectivity.

Passengers may need a username and password to connect to the existing Wi-Fi network. They can also access the Wi-Fi with their social media credentials; hence, access is granted to other mobile applications as well as the internet. Get an outstanding automatic Passenger System from Eyeride.

The rising demand of Bus Wi-Fi In-Flight Entertainment | Cebu Finest

Key features of Si-Fi 100 include:

– Simultaneous connections to four 3G/4G networks for bandwidth aggregation, load balancing, and prioritization for superior Wi-Fi quality of service
– Major 3G/4G USB modems from global cellular service providers
– Ethernet port used to connect to an external Wi-Fi access point
– Stream media without the internet
– Secure connections
– Remote diagnostics
– Social login, mobile phone number, or voucher-based Wi-Fi authentication

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In conclusion, it is right to say that bus Wi-Fi in-flight entertainment with all its features not only makes passengers have a great time while traveling, but it also helps bus operators, wireless carriers, and media content providers enjoy added revenue.

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