3 New Ways to Cure a Hangover

The universe has a funny way of letting you know that you’re no longer 21. Maybe your back hurts when you exercise too much. Or, maybe you feel completely drained if you don’t hit the sheets before midnight.

3 New Ways to Cure a Hangover | Cebu Finest

3 New Ways to Cure a Hangover

The most telltale sign that you can’t party like a rockstar is that you spent the morning curled around the toilet bowl after downing shots the night before.

If this scenario sounds familiar and you want to avoid feeling like you just crawled out from under a rock this holiday season, below are three ways to cure a hangover.

Hangover Patches

The symptoms of a hangover can be so intense that Advil and Tylenol just won’t do the trick. This is where hangover patches come in. Hangover patches are patches that help keep the hangover symptoms at bay. This medical patch can help replenish the nutrients that are depleted when alcohol is consumed.

Most hangover patches house about 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 as well as other essential B vitamins. In addition, these patches contain no calories whatsoever, which makes it easier to enjoy the party.

IV Drips

Alcohol is dehydrating, so its ill-effects can be felt even after one glass of Pinot. And when disaster strikes, finding a quick way to remedy all that ails you is a must. IV therapy for hangovers has now been deemed one of the best ways to feel better fast. These anti-boozy concoctions replenish fluid levels faster than if you down a gallon of water. In fact, downing excessive amounts of water is dangerous, especially after consuming alcohol.

Since alcohol draws water out of your body, replenishing electrolytes, like sodium and potassium via IV, helps you feel better faster. IV therapy also provides symptomatic relief of the typical hangover symptoms, including headache, fatigue, and nausea.


Unfortunately, rehydrating yourself and eating a well-balanced breakfast won’t be enough to completely cure a hangover. Although it may alleviate some symptoms like dry mouth and shakiness, chronic headaches and extreme nausea will still linger.

Luckily, there’s a new light at the end of the hangover tunnel. Aromatherapy has proven to help fight off the symptoms of a hangover due to the pungent aroma of certain oils.

3 New Ways to Cure a Hangover | Cebu Finest

Here is a brief list of essential oils to use for aromatherapy:

Peppermint oil. The strong smell of fresh peppermint oil has shown to alleviate feelings of nausea and help people feel more balanced.
Grapefruit oil. People have often described the aroma of grapefruit oil as energizing, which makes it perfect for fighting off grogginess.
Tea tree oil. The aroma of tea tree oil is a little bitter, but it does help produce the feeling of cleanliness. In addition, tea tree oil also has antibacterial properties.

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Although these three oils are among the most used, there are other types to choose from. You purchase these oils at your local pharmacy or vitamin store.

Everyone loves a good party, but the aftermath is another story. In addition to imbibing in moderation, the next best thing is to get creative when trying to cure your next hangover.

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