5 Best Plants For Koi Ponds

Fish ponds, in general, are wonderful features for gardens and yards. If you aren’t blessed with an expansive backyard with a natural pond or lake, you may construct one for your backyard. Sure, it may be an artificial pond, but it will surely add a zen touch to your property.

5 Best Plants For Koi Ponds | CebuFinest

5 Best Plants For Koi Ponds

When it comes to fishes, koi carp is the most popular kind of pond fish. To match their beautiful colors and patterns and to create an ideal habitat for them, you’ll need the right plants for your koi pond. Here are five plants you may consider adding to your water feature:

Water Lilies

Water lilies are the most popular kind of pond plant. Their flat leaves and beautiful floating flowers create a beautiful surface that slightly obscures your koi and other pond pets. The flat leaves are also suitable for holding koi eggs.

While water lilies help keep your koi fish cool and protected from the sun, they grow healthier and more beautiful if placed in an area with less sun. You may build a shade to protect both your plants and fishes.


Hornworts are popular freshwater plants for aquariums. You may also use them to decorate the bottom of your pond like an underwater hedge. Think of them like the hedges decorating Camella Calamba’s homes. These beautify your pond while also providing a suitable substrate for koi to lay their eggs.

Hornworts not only make your koi pond look more natural, but they also provide oxygen that is beneficial for your fishes’ growth. They help keep the water fresh and clean, making it easier for you to maintain your pond’s sanitation. You can find hornworts sold online or in aquarium stores in Cebu City.


Duckweed plants are tiny floating green plants that recreate the look of marshes, streams, and ponds. At first glance, they seem like algae or moss floating on the surface of your pond. And like hornworts, duckweeds are excellent oxygenating plants.

Because your koi pond has limited space compared to an actual pond, you’ll have to regulate the growth of your duckweed plants. They grow pretty fast and can be pretty dense when left alone. While your koi fish may eat them, it is best to place a few to regulate their growth and keep your fish from overeating.


Water lotuses are another popular pond plant. They look similar to water lilies, but their flowers and leaves rise above the water instead of floating. Lotuses also prefer larger water bodies. So if you have a smaller pond, dwarf lotuses are your best bet.

Lotuses also prefer at least five hours of sunlight every day, so it is best to position them in a sunny spot on your pond. Your koi fish also won’t find your lotus flowers delicious, so you won’t have to worry about them eating your beautiful water flowers.

Water Lettuce

These vegetable-like plants are also floaters and decorative greens for your pond surface. Besides being decorative, water lettuce also cleans your pond water by removing algae debris and filtering excess nutrients from leftover fish food and plant fertilizers. They also grow quite fast, so you might just want to put one or two water lettuce on your pond. Doing so will make it hassle-free for you to curb their growth and spread.

5 Best Plants For Koi Ponds | CebuFinest

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To sum up, these five water plants are some of the best greens to decorate your fish pond. They also provide shade, oxygen, nutrients, and suitable habitats for your koi fish to thrive. Consider adding them to your pond for your next landscaping project.

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