Refrigerator Shopping Guide: Which Type Is the Best For Your Lifestyle

A refrigerator, or simply a ref, as Filipinos fondly call it—is one of the most important big-ticket appliances you’re going to buy for your home. That’s why you really need to take your time in deciding which type you should get: single-door, top-freezer, double-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and French door.

Refrigerator Shopping Guide: Which Type Is the Best For Your Lifestyle | CebuFinest

Refrigerator Shopping Guide: Which Type Is the Best For Your Lifestyle

Aside from the type, size, looks, and color (who doesn’t want an aesthetically pleasing home, after all), some things to consider are your budget, available space, and your lifestyle needs.

That said, here’s a quick and simple guide to help you choose the best refrigerator based on your lifestyle:

Single-Door or Top-Freezer Model: For Those Starting Out

A refrigerator’s price in the Philippines is the biggest deciding factor when making a purchase. Appliance retailers, fortunately, sell plenty of models at a reasonable cost, including various single-door and two-door models with the freezer on top. These two are the most traditional and also the most common among all the types of refrigerators available in the market. They’re also the most simple, which accounts for the lower price overall.

However, “simple” doesn’t mean they don’t do their jobs well. If you’re simply looking for a reliable refrigerator to keep food and produce fresh, then these two types are definitely good choices. You can even find inverter models if you want to save on your electricity bills. Single-door or top-freezer refs are also great for smaller homes. Do note that in these models, the refrigerator area is almost always larger than the freezer.

Bottom-Freezer Model: For Those Who Buy a Lot of Fresh Food

If you cook a lot and buy plenty of fresh food and ingredients, a bottom-freezer refrigerator might be the better choice. This is because the food compartments are placed at a more convenient height, so you don’t have to bend to reach the items you need.

The downside of this refrigerator is that it’s a little more difficult to access the freezer. Still, this is not too much of a deal-breaker. Just like the single-door and top-freezer models, bottom-freezer refrigerators have a lot of options in the low- to mid-price range. You also have a choice between two styles: a conventional swing-type door for the freezer or a drawer-type one.

Double-Freezer Model: For Those Who Buy Frozen Food in Bulk

If you often buy frozen foods in bulk, you might want to consider a double-freezer refrigerator. Usually, they’re constructed like French door refs (see below), with the freezers designed like drawers instead of doors. The dual layers are also useful for separating foods. As an example, meat products can be placed in one compartment and desserts could be placed in the other.

Chest freezers are also a viable option for those who buy a lot of frozen goods. However, a double-freezer refrigerator is better in the sense that it isn’t limited to one function. The only issue with this kind of ref is that they’re a little harder to find than other types mentioned on this list.

Refrigerator Shopping Guide: Which Type Is the Best For Your Lifestyle | CebuFinest

Side-By-Side: For Those Who Are Super Organized

If you’re very particular about the way you arrange your food inside your fridge, you might want to go for a side-by-side refrigerator. This type has the freezer on the left and the fresh food compartment on the right. Usually, the two sections are of equal size although there are also some models with a narrower freezer. Either way, this type of ref usually gives you more storage space overall.

It’s important to remember, however, that the design of this refrigerator can limit you with regards to the width of the things you can store inside. For example, you won’t be able to fit large pizza boxes in this style of ref. On the plus side, many side-by-side refs are narrower than other styles, so this is a good option for those with limited space. Lastly, it’s common for higher-end side-by-side refrigerators to have ice and water dispensers on the freezer side. This is perfect for the Philippines’ hot and humid weather.

French Door: For Those Who Want It All

Last but definitely not least is the French door refrigerator. This combines a side-by-side fresh food compartment on top and a freezer drawer at the bottom. Depending on the model, you’ll have dual freezers or separate freezer sections. High-end options also feature separate temperature controls so you can maximize the shelf life of different foods.

Of course, French door refrigerators are quite expensive. You’ll be getting what you pay for, however, since they come with a lot of extra features that are nothing short of impressive. These include Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic temperature adjusters, digital bulletin boards, and more.

Refrigerator Shopping Guide: Which Type Is the Best For Your Lifestyle | CebuFinest

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Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the number of brands and models of refrigerators to choose from. Just focus on your needs and you’ll be able to find the perfect match for you.

Happy refrigerator shopping!

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