6 Essentials of a Complete Home Theater Setup

Time used to be when you could only experience a full-fledged movie experience in theaters. With the advent of modern technology and the availability of round-the-clock content streaming services, you can now easily recreate the cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Not to mention that with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, returning to movie theaters may not be on the immediate horizon yet. So as not to deprive you and your family of this favorite pastime, why not set up your very own home theater system?

6 Essentials of a Complete Home Theater Setup | CebuFinest

6 Essentials of a Complete Home Theater Setup

The following items are all that you would need to achieve this:

A Full HD TV

Nothing spells an exciting movie experience at home better than watching it on a full high-definition (HD) television screen. It delivers vivid colors, and very sharp details at 1080p resolution, making you feel completely immersed within the movie scenes. Most state-of-the-art HD TVs these days also come in very slim profiles, so you can expect them to be stylish as well. It will surely fit into your living room nicely.

Most recent models of HD TVs also come with a slew of value-added smart features, such as picture-in-picture viewing that allows you to multi-task across channels; broadcast your mobile phone’s content; directly stream from platforms such as Netflix, or even browse the Internet and check your email. TVs today come in a variety of sizes, models, and brands, so be sure to see if your trusted retailer carries a full HD television for sale that meets your family’s needs.

6 Essentials of a Complete Home Theater Setup | CebuFinest

A Surround-Sound Speaker System

Crystal-clear and richly colored imaging is best complemented by a surround-sound system that brings each and every movie scene to life through larger-than-life audio. It is an essential component of any genuine home theater setup. While many people may mistakenly think that surround sound means booming noises, it actually also means being able to hear even the slightest whisper or pin drop in the movie scene.

A typical surround-sound speaker setup is characterized by the use of a number of surround speakers, which further enhance the audio experience. They complement the standard left and right speakers, which are full-range and provide directed sound. A center speaker may also be used to link these speakers together and to enable better appreciation of movie dialogues. The addition of subwoofers creates a complete cinema experience, emphasizing mostly the deep, full bass sounds.

A Theater-Like Lighting Setup

Just as in the movie theater, creating a dark atmosphere in your living room is important. You can achieve this by employing heavy, blackout curtains to make sure that the only visible imagery in the room is the movie playing on the TV. You can also opt to install pin lights on the ceiling and on the floor so that you can see your way through the room even in the dark.

6 Essentials of a Complete Home Theater Setup | CebuFinest

An Air-Conditioning System

Part of the thrill of watching a film in a movie theater is cuddling up in your seat because of the cold aircon. In your home, it’s best that your living room is decked out with a properly working air-conditioning unit that will beat the outside heat. A good alternative to standard window-type units is one of those portable air cooling systems that you can move where you want it.

Comfortable Seating

Lounging or sitting back on a plush, comfortable sofa is one of the best parts of a home cinema experience. You might want to consider investing in a richly upholstered reclining chair or La-Z-Boy with nifty features such as a cup holder, footrest, or even a massage function. You and your family will surely feel like royalty. If your budget is quite tight, you can also improvise by making your living room floor a comfortable sprawl. Roll out a nice, thick carpet or mat and chuck in a couple of big throw pillows or bean bags where you and your family can laze around on.

A Snack Bar

Movie-watching would not be complete without some snacks that you can munch on. A cool addition to have in your home theater setup is a mini-popcorn stand that will allow you to enjoy freshly prepared popcorn at a whim. Having a mini-refrigerator or a chiller within reach is also a nice idea so you can easily grab an ice-cold beer or soda.

6 Essentials of a Complete Home Theater Setup | CebuFinest

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Creating your very own home theater may admittedly require quite a budget, but you just might be surprised with the cost savings you can realize in the long run. Considering how often you may have been watching movies in the theater with your family—including the costs of transportation and eating out—saving up and investing it instead in a home theater setup may very well be worth it. Think of it as a home improvement project that will not only give your living room the boost that it needs but will also foster many new memories with your loved ones and friends.

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