5 Reasons It’s Better to Add Money to Your Mobile Wallets Using Digital Channels

Over the past few years, more and more Filipinos have been using mobile wallets. One of the biggest reasons is that mobile wallets provide a central hub for bills payment. From home utilities to credit cards and loans, all you need is one app to settle your dues. Beyond bills payment, mobile wallets also have features such as bank transfers, as well as discounted mobile load, and data packages among others.

5 Reasons It’s Better to Add Money to Your Mobile Wallets Using Digital Channels | CebuFinest

5 Reasons It’s Better to Add Money to Your Mobile Wallets Using Digital Channels

Of course, before you’re able to use your mobile wallet, you need to have available funds first. Luckily, there are many ways you can add money to your account. For example, you can visit convenience stores, remittance centers, pawnshops, and independent retailers to top up. However, if you want to cash in quickly and safely, your best bet is to use digital channels. Here are a few reasons why this is the case:

It’s the Safer Option

One of the biggest drivers of the increase in mobile wallet registration and usage in the past year is the COVID-19 pandemic. While essential businesses remained open to accommodate bills payment and other banking transactions, people were still worried about catching the disease when they left their homes to do their errands.

By using digital cash in channels, your outside exposure to viruses and other harmful germs can be drastically minimized. No matter where you are, you can easily add money to your account and handle your finances with just a tap of a few buttons. This affords you greater peace of mind, knowing that you’ve done all you could to avoid getting sick.

It’s Faster

Admittedly, going to a convenience store or a remittance center to cash in is also a quick and easy process. Still, using digital channels to add money to your e-wallet account is so much faster. That’s because offline or hybrid offline-online methods require extra steps such as filling out forms, inputting your details using a terminal, and handing your money to the cashier. All of these steps still don’t include the time you spend walking or commuting, as well as lining up if there are other customers using the same service.

With digital channels, such as when you link your bank account to your mobile wallet account, there’s no need to do the above-mentioned steps. Wherever you are, you can simply open the app, tap on the correct icon, and choose the digital method you prefer (e.g., linked bank account or debit/credit card). This process takes less than a minute; all the time you save can be used for other endeavors such as engaging in your hobbies or spending time with your family.

You Can Do It Anytime, Anywhere

With digital channels, you can add money to your e-wallet account anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if there’s no nearby convenience store, bank, or mall. It also doesn’t matter if it’s late at night or early in the morning. Whenever you need to cash in, you can do so using digital methods.

This level of convenience is particularly important if you’re dealing with urgent situations, such as when you need to send money or pay a bill ASAP.

It’s More Secure

In order to protect their customers, mobile wallets have implemented various security features like fingerprint log-in and two-factor authentication. When you add money through digital channels, you also have to input a one-time password to confirm the transaction. These steps ensure that your money goes exactly where you want it to go.
Using digital top-up channels also helps you monitor your transactions better. Aside from SMS notifications, you’ll also get in-app updates. You may also opt-in to receive email alerts. In addition, your banking app or online portal will also reflect the transaction within minutes. If you’re trying to get a better handle on your finances, then digital cash-in methods are your best bet.

It’s Cost-Efficient

A lot of banks have waived transaction fees for certain e-wallet transactions for the time being, in order to help consumers through the pandemic. This means you can add money to your account without worrying about extra (if minimal) charges. In addition, you also save money when you use digital cash-in methods because you don’t have to commute or drive to a physical store.

You might think that these are negligible amounts of money but when you add them up, you’ll realize how much you’re able to save. Besides, you work hard for your money so every peso counts! As a bonus, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint because you don’t have to write on forms and the cashier doesn’t have to issue a receipt.

5 Reasons It’s Better to Add Money to Your Mobile Wallets Using Digital Channels | CebuFinest

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Obviously, this doesn’t mean that other top-up channels aren’t good options at all. In fact, there are times when they’re more helpful. For example, if you’re in an area with poor internet service, you can visit a sari-sari store or a pawnshop to add money to your mobile wallet.

Still, it’s undeniable that digital channels offer considerably more benefits. If you want ultimate convenience with your mobile wallet, then adding money online will make sure of that experience.

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