The Amazing Benefits to Being Safe with your Daily Business Transactions using PayMaya

The Philippines is now in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most severe health epidemic in more than a century that has struck the world. Millions of Filipinos have had to endure quarantine, and there is practically a standstill in daily company. And things can never go back to the way they were before 2020, from the looks of it. In the post-COVID-19 world, PayMaya is here to help make shopping and paying with any business transactions much safer.

In the post-COVID-19 world, PayMaya is here to help make shopping and paying much safer. | CebuFinest

The Amazing Benefits to Being Safe with your Daily Business Transactions using PayMaya

While COVID-19 has made life difficult for everyone, the crisis has provided a cause for many people stuck in their homes to get on board with the rising trend of e-commerce in the country. If anything, even after the pandemic, the pattern will continue.

With individuals ignorant or unconcerned about proper social distance and mask-wearing protocol, even when the lockdown ends, no one can be sure how secure it would be to go to malls, restaurants, and other public places. Here are some of the instances in which contactless payment solutions from PayMaya will make it safer to pay for goods and services, and other business transactions.

Avoid long queues and Pay Utility Bills online

One of adulthood’s least-liked practices is lining up to pay for electricity, insurance premiums, and other boring necessities at payment centers. Although lining up for something can be bad enough, in a post-COVID-19 setting, being in such close contact with other individuals for long periods is something we would all like to avoid.

You can do exactly that, thanks to PayMaya. Without ever heading to a payment center, you can use PayMaya to skip the lines and pay your bills.

Securely Send and Receive Remittances

In a different part of the world, do you have family members? Do you need a secure way to give them cash that does not require a dangerous ride to the bank or a remittance center? A much better way will be through your PayMaya account to send and receive remittances. You can transfer money from your PayMaya account instantly to another PayMaya account holder’s account, too.

Foreign remittances from partner remittance firms may also be obtained through Upgraded PayMaya accounts. Not only does PayMaya make sending and receiving remittances more convenient, but it also makes it much safer.

Need Mobile Load? Buy Anytime, Anywhere

To stay linked, many Filipinos still rely on prepaid mobile phone accounts. Unfortunately, given the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving one’s home or workplace to purchase a prepaid card or to get load credits at a crowded loading center is not just inconvenient, it can be an unnecessary risk. Fortunately, you can use PayMaya to buy tons of mobile phone load credits for yourself or someone else.

You may also add a short message when you give the load to somebody. If, for budgeting purposes, you stick to a prepaid account, using PayMaya to purchase load is even more convenient. As for smarter and easier load budgeting, you can quickly check your transaction history.

How to buy Prepaid Load using PayMaya

Step 1: Open your PayMaya app and tap “Load”
Step 2: Choose your prepaid load package
Step 3: Enter the required information then tap “Continue”
Step 4: Review the details then tap “Buy” to proceed

Opt for Safer Virtual Credit Card Payments

Don’t you want to get sick in crowded shopping malls? The PayMaya app makes paying for products and services from virtually any eCommerce site in the world extremely easy. For the safety of their retailers, popular online shopping sites such as Lazada, Amazon, Zalora, Shopee, eBay, and countless others also require transactions to be made with a credit card.

You can use PayMaya cards exactly the way you would use any credit card. The best thing is, that you can only spend the money you put in your account, you can not overspend or fall into credit card debt.

Need to get the PayMaya Physical Card? You can buy it here.

Are you a Freelancer? Get protected payments through PayPal

Your PayMaya can be connected to PayPal, the fully independent universal norm for freelancer payments. Instead, you can connect it to your virtual PayMaya card if you need a PayPal account but do not have a credit card to connect it to. Without making a trip to a crowded remittance center, you can now easily get paid by customers from around the world. Of course, you can also do that if you want to use your PayMaya-linked PayPal account for secure online shopping.

Do you want to become a freelancer and sell your sidelines? You can do so with Rakuboss1.

PayMaya Scan to Pay helps avoid physical contact

Whether it’s about reducing the risk of identity theft or preventing PayMaya from overspending, it’s important to keep you safe. PayMaya also worries about your physical protection. The app has a Scan to Pay feature that enables you to scan partner merchants’ QR codes to make contactless payments. Compared to manually entering the merchant’s details into your smartphone, it’s much quicker and has no chance of errors. If the cashier has the exact change, you won’t have to worry, either.

Safely transfer money to a bank account with Send Money

An increasingly common way to pay for products from online retailers is still direct bank deposits. Unfortunately, various banks are preferred by everyone. There’s also no guarantee that you will find a bank branch that you’ll also need to deposit in your town. Lining up at the bank the old-fashioned way, of course, is something you should avoid, particularly in a post-COVID-19 world.

PayMaya provides you with a safe, easy, and contactless way to deposit money into a bank account. You can use your app to transfer cash from an increasing list of partner banks instantly to a bank account. This can make PayMaya a handy tool on your payroll to pay freelancers or other individuals. It’s also perfect for making quick deposits when you’re too busy to visit the bank, too.

How to Send Money from PayMaya to a bank

Step 1: Log in to your PayMaya account.
Step 2: Tap “Bank Transfer” on the Home screen.
Step 3: Select the partner bank from the list and input amount.
Step 4: Input Recipient Details.
Step 5: Tap “Continue.”
Step 6: Review your Send Money transaction details.
Step 7: Tap “Send.”
Step 8: Wait for PayMaya’s confirmation via SMS.

Double up your safety and rewards with PayMaya until September 30!

Double up your safety and rewards with PayMaya until September 30! | CebuFinest

Going cashless has kept our personal and business transactions safer and more convenient in these critical times. As we depend on contactless transactions to give us an added layer of safety for our day-to-day needs, PayMaya is making it even more rewarding so you can also get the most value for your money.

From now until September 30, PayMaya is giving you more chances to get up to 100% Balik Bayad (max of ₱500) when you pay using PayMaya online and in-store with its double cashback promo!

All you have to do is #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR for your in-store and on-delivery transactions of any amount, or spend at least ₱500 when you pay online using your PayMaya mobile number. For more details, check out the full promo mechanics.

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The contactless payment options of PayMaya make it an integral component of safer living in a post-COVID-19 world. You can skip any line you need with the virtual card, reducing the chance of direct interaction with others. Not only that, but through your PayMaya account, you can also send and receive money through partner banks and remittance services.

Your PayMaya card also has several security features that not only reduce the possibility of fraud but also the probability of overspending accidentally. The globally accepted EMV technical standard is adopted by PayMaya virtual and physical cards, making them resistant to identity theft. The app also monitors your spending and has an intuitive interface that prevents unintentional transactions, making it more protected from human mistakes.

You’re getting more than just a quick way to pay, forward funds online, or any business transactions when you get the PayMaya app. In the world after the pandemic of COVID-19, getting a PayMaya account can also be an investment in your health and safety.

PayMaya | Cebu Finest

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