8 Tips on How to Keep your Pet Dogs Healthy

Our pets do not just make us healthier; they make us happier too. That’s why we need to do the same by making sure your pet’s health starts from the inside out. This means that healthy meal management, balanced nutrition, and safe food consumption are as important as proper hygiene practices, exercise, and medical care.

8 Tips on How to Keep your Pet Dogs Healthy | Cebu Finest
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8 Tips on How to Keep your Pet Dogs Healthy

Health for pets is a condition that we need to establish every day through correct choices of food, medicine, exercises, and actions. Follow these eight (8) steps:

1) Exercise your pets and keep a healthy weight

Begin a healthy routine by allocating time to exercise your pet each day. Take a walk at the start and end of a specific day to energize your pets and ensure regular sleeping patterns or habits. Consider what type of exercises you let your pets do, depending on climate or season.

2) Feed your pets with a healthy and balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is the foundation of your pet’s health. When buying the right food, always make sure that ingredients are fresh and organic. Check the labels and purchase products from holistic food manufacturers and with certification from a feed control organization. Avoid unhealthy food such as “treats” with additives and artificial colors.

3) Find the right medical pet care

8 Tips on How to Keep your Pet Dogs Healthy | Cebu Finest
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It is very important for your pet’s health and well-being to decide to choose the best and right veterinarian. This goes to choosing the veterinary hospital that is clean and conveniently located near your area. Remember to have your pets undergo vaccinations including rabies and distemper disease.

4) Keep your pets free from parasites and fleas in a natural way

Choosing the right and safe flea prevention is very challenging, as well as preventing parasites and fleas in general. Some products contain insecticides and ingredients that are linked to health problems in humans. Exposure to these chemicals can cause damage to young pets and children. As an alternative, use a pet-friendly non-allergenic shampoo. Never use human products. Instead, consult your veterinarian for the best products for your pets.

5) Create a pet-safe home

Some pets, during their younger stages, are curious and active. While these can make us laugh, and ideal for picture-perfect moments, you need to always remember that some household is dangerous and even fatal to animals. Accidents do happen no matter how careful we are. So make ready your emergency first aid kit and prepare your vet and contact information to a nearest animal emergency room and poison control center.

6) Build an emotional, mental and physical bond with your pet

It is an excellent way to build a bond with your pets by considering their breed’s traits. If they were bred to hunt and run around, they might like playing fetch or hide-and-seek with toys. Also occasionally do a hand-feeding to your pets with organic treats to have a connection with them.

7) Perform regular grooming

Regular doesn’t mean every day. However, if it is necessary to brush your pet’s coat on a daily basis, you may do so. Brushing can help you discover fleas, parasites, and ticks that would endanger your pet’s health. If you have a long-haired or curly-coated dog, then you know frequent grooming is a must. And these are the best dog clippers that Leo from CyberPet reviewed carefully.

Trim your pet’s toenails if you are comfortable in doing so (or you may ask your veterinarian to demonstrate it for you). Bathe your pets if you don’t like how they smell, but you need to also consider doing it correctly to avoid a flaky skin from too much soap and shampoo.

8) Let your pets socialize

8 Tips on How to Keep your Pet Dogs Healthy | Cebu Finest
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Introduce your pets to new people, places, objects and situations with your full control. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to protect their pets from situations that terrify them. As simple as letting someone get too close to your pet can trigger setbacks, causing your pet to hide or adopt a fear and aggressive position.

If this happens, correct the human, not the dog. Taking your pet for a walk on a leash offers effective socialization opportunities. However, avoid parks and other areas where your pets will be exposed to a disease.

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