A Guide to Better Banking At Home with Security Bank

As we transition into a more relaxed community quarantine, Security Bank understands that safety and health remain at everyone’s top of mind. The team at Security Bank takes this matter very seriously, so they are continuously taking steps in improving everyone’s ability to do better banking transactions at home.

A Guide to Better Banking At Home with Security Bank | Cebu Finest

A Guide to Better Banking At Home with Security Bank

To help get you started, Security Bank compiled quick links and guides about their online banking platforms and other available bank services, transactions, and requests you can do online.

Maximize at-home banking with Security Bank Online

Do banking at the safety of your home with their online banking mobile app and website. Check below to learn how to enroll your account, reset your password, or update your information.

  • Enroll your bank account.
  • Enroll your bank account to Security Bank Online. In light of the COVID-19 Community Quarantine, Security Bank is giving you a new way of enrolling your bank account without going to the branch to submit your application form. Don’t worry, it’s fast and easy!

    You can activate your bank account in two ways: 1) Through an online enrollment form or 2) Through enrollment PIN. Read the step-by-step guide here.

  • Enroll your credit card.
  • If you want to enroll your credit card to Security Bank Online instead, click here.

  • Reset your password.
  • No need to call the hotline or go to the branch to ask for a password reset. Forgetting your online banking password is a bummer especially when you need it the most to do online transactions.

    Good thing that with Security Bank Online, you can easily reset your password in no time! You don’t need to call the hotline or go to the branch to ask for a password reset.

    You can do it in a few steps that you can read here.

  • Update your information.
  • Update your account information to keep you updated with the latest services. Keeping your details updated means maximizing the services of the bank. Aside from having a reliable means of contacting you, the perks you could be missing out on with every SMS blast or email advisory could prove costly and wasteful.

    Here are 3 smart reasons why you should update your contact information now. Click here to learn more.

  • Pay your bills.
  • Your health and safety are the number one priority. That’s why the team at Security Bank is encouraging everyone to pay their bills through the online banking platform. You can easily do it via Security Bank Online while staying safe at home. Don’t worry, it’s fast and easy.

    Read the step-by-step guide here.

    Note: You need to enroll your account first before you get started.

From replacing your ATM card to increasing your credit card limit, there are a variety of services that you can avail of without the need to go to the branch. Click any of the links below to learn more.

A Guide to #BetterBanking At Home with Security Bank | Cebu Finest

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While everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing and pandemic guidelines, Security Bank wants you to be able to do better banking at the safety and comfort of your homes. At the same time, they also want to provide you with the latest updates via their website and their Facebook Page as they get more and more information about the situation.

Choose Security Bank because they make banking better. Apply for a credit card today and take advantage of rewards, rebates, free travel insurance, or other perks.

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