AIA Philam Life adapts to digital insurance selling

The Insurance Commission recently released a circular approving alternative face to face selling, providing guidelines that empower insurance companies to continue operations, and uplift consumer confidence in the industry during the current enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period. Provisions for digital insurance sales have been put in place, giving customers access to insurance products at this time.

AIA Philam Life adapts to digital insurance selling | Cebu Finest

AIA Philam Life adapts to digital insurance selling

AIA Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company, was quick to respond, further boosting its already comprehensive digital capability, assuring the public of business continuity even during the ECQ.

With the guidelines in place, one AIA Philam Life Financial Advisor (FA) readily took to the new alternative method of selling, Clint Swayze Pondar from Cebu Leica Cruz Agency, who made AIA Philam Life history as the company’s first FA to close a digital sale. Pondar was quick to adapt, and used the iPoS platform to assess the customer’s needs, and guide her throughout the entire process.

“It started with a virtual chat, and the step-by-step transaction process followed. It was really seamless, which my client loved,” he shared. The full digitalization of the insurance sales process paved the way for AIA Philam Life to carry on its mission of racing against the risk to protect Filipinos from life’s uncertainties, right in the comfort and safety of one’s home. “My client enjoyed the virtual meeting and was surprised at how convenient everything was. She also developed an appreciation for our tools since we were able to complete the transaction over a casual talk,” Pondar quipped.

AIA Philam Life adapts to digital insurance selling | Cebu Finest

This is a testament to AIA Philam Life’s customer-centric thrust, effectively anchoring its digital transformation on the goal of providing customers a seamless experience with the company. Insurance education, purchase, and maintenance have been made easy with various digital platforms available to FAs and customers alike. A comprehensive, easy to navigate and intuitive website highlighting a self-help financial calculator kicks-off one’s journey, enabling customers to understand insurance concepts and learn about product offerings, as well as personally assess their needs.

Purchase is also made easy with the iPoS or interactive point-of-sale system which aids FAs to seamlessly facilitate end to end selling through the iPad-based platform. This is supplemented by the availability of online and auto-credit and debit payment arrangements, that once done will immediately generate a receipt and e-contract delivered via email.

After-sales services are also well accounted for in this journey through iServe, the company’s digital customer service platform that empowers its FAs to perform various functions that would normally require mediation of the Customer Service Centers (CSC). Customers who want to access and manage accounts by themselves can also do so through the customer online platform, ePlan, which houses all their digitized documents and available 24/7. All these platforms (iPoS, iServe, and ePlan) empower FAs and customers to be self-sufficient, which in effect makes handling expedient.

“AIA Philam Life has always been responsive to the needs of our customers and we are constantly reviewing and innovating the way we do business to make sure that we are keeping up with their evolving needs,” said Margarita Lopez, AIA Philam Life Chief Operations Officer.

“The need for protection during this period of the ECQ does not stop and is more important than ever. Our commitment to close the protection gap is strengthened in these challenging times, and we are glad that the IC circular has provided us with guidelines that allow us to carry on. As our agency force adapts to the current situation, we are able to continue to bring to life our brand promise of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives,” said AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Ang in closing.

AIA Philam Life adapts to digital insurance selling | Cebu Finest

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Know more about AIA Philam Life by visiting their website, Facebook Page, emailing or calling (02) 8528 2000.

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