A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita’s Home Bakeshop

Anita’s Home Bakeshop, Inc. was established by Anita Cabinian, a former math teacher whose passion for baking was sparked by her aunt who taught her to bake at home. With a small oven and a handful of ingredients, she opened her first bakeshop in 1968.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest

An afternoon with Anita’s Home Bakeshop

Today, Anita’s Home Bakeshop has 19 branches, has recently opened 2 new stores located at Mabolo and Pueblo Verde and launching a new store along Salinas Drive in Lahug. By the end of 2017, their goal is to open 8 more stores in Cebu. In addition to company-owned branches, Anita’s also has a subsidiary that focuses on institutional accounts providing customized products for large companies and multinational brands.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest

Anita’s Home Bakeshop is continuously striving for consistency in the quality of the products served every day. They are always innovating and creating new products to introduce to loyal consumers and newer markets. Despite the growth of the company, Anita’s has remained a home-based business, so much so because the bakeshop’s commissary and main bakery is just adjacent to the Cabinian residence in Brgy. Lahug.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest

#HomeBakedGoodness and Best of Cebu

During the recently concluded SunStar Best of Cebu, Anita’s Home Bakeshop, Inc. was recognized as having the “Best Bread Basket”.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest

Showcasing their award-winning products, Anita’s Home Bakeshop perfect their Pandesal (or commonly called, “bread of salt”) with a recipe to yield these slightly sweet rather than salty, soft, and chewy bread rolls.

Their other home-made products: Cheese bread, and Coco bread, also made the cut to their “Best Bread Basket” win, introducing tasty bread balancing out the mellow sharpness of the locally-produced cheese and tropical sweetness of caramelized coconut with sugar and butter in the filling.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest
Anita’s award-winning bread basket: Pandesal, cheese bread, and coco bread

Reinvigorated Brand Strategy

Anita Cabinian has since retired from her position at the company. Her son, Benjamin, is at the helm of the business, with new ideas and a vision of taking the brand to new heights. The company has embarked on a holistic brand strategy, improving the look and feel of the bakeshops and creating new ways to connect with its customers.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest
The management of Anita’s Home Bakeshop, Inc. during a press conference at their Jones/Fuente branch.

During a press conference last May 25, 2017, at their Jones/Fuente branch, the management of Anita’s Home Bakeshop, Inc. presented their key initiatives to refining the logo of their company, while retaining the 40-year history with simplicity and iconic memories. Over the next few months, the stores and the packaging will reflect this new change.

The management also presented that they are looking forward to connecting with their customers through social media, as well as launching an updated company website.

A #HomeBakedGoodness afternoon with Anita's Home Bakeshop | Cebu Finest
The management of Anita’s Home Bakeshop, Inc., with the invited guests after the press conference.

Upcoming Promos

Loyal customers can expect a lot of special treats from Anita’s Home Bakeshop. From May 28 until July 7, 2017, customers can take advantage of the “Buy more and get refreshed” promo. Those who purchased a box of Torta de Cebu or one of the whole plate of Pineapple Pie, with be getting complimentary products like a 1.5 Pepsi bottle or Selecta Ice Cream on sticks absolutely free.

Online fans of Anita’s Home Bakeshop Instagram and Facebook pages who upload photos of themselves enjoying selected bread and pastries will enjoy amazing prizes.

For more details about their new products and upcoming promos, follow Anita’s Home Bakeshop on their Facebook Page. Start posting your photos on Instagram and don’t forget to tag @anitasbakeshop today.

It’s always #HomeBakedGoodness at Anita’s Home Bakeshop!

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