ARCHcon Cebu celebrates 15th year, conducts press con for 2018 convention

Celebrating 15 years with Cebu’s biggest hobbyist convention, ARCHcon Cebu unveiled their upcoming plans and events for the 2018 edition of the ARCHCon in Cebu City. With the growing population who enjoy cosplay, gaming, anime, art or any hobbies related in that matter, conventions like ARCHcon Cebu have greatly influenced the shaping of the local hobbyist community today.

ARCHcon Cebu celebrates 15th year, conducts press con for 2018 convention | Cebu Finest

ARCHcon Cebu celebrates 15th year, conducts press con for 2018 convention

Just like how the local creative industry has been receiving recognition and praise for its talent shared to different sectors, ARCHcon Cebu is ready to show that gamers, cosplayers, artists and the like can make changes for the community as well.

During a press conference held last August 30, 2018, at The Company Cebu, ARCHcon Cebu introduced its goal to raise awareness among the public about these hobbies and its existence in Cebu. ARCHcon’s campaign is to emphasize its message of being community-oriented by supporting hobbies and creating a sustainable platform through talks, workshops, and activities that gathers all hobbyists.

ARCHcon Cebu celebrates 15th year, conducts press con for 2018 convention | Cebu Finest

What is ARCHcon Cebu?

It started off in July 2004, the Sacred Heart School — Ateneo de Cebu — Anime, Manga, and The Gaming Brigade (SHS-AdC AMTG brigade) conceptualized a hobby event called ARCHcon (Anime, Role-Playing, Comics and Hobbies) with a mission to host charity events involving recreational activities.

From there, ARCHcon Cebu has become the premier event for hobbyists and enthusiasts in Cebu and soon the whole Visayas, which aims to be an open venue for people of all walks of like, to freely showcase their creativity and innovation in celebration of their hobbies and interests with the local community.

Activities and Events

ARCHcon Cebu showcases a wide display of various popular hobbies towards the youth, such as exhibitions of craft in cosplay, toys and collectible figure displays, local and other comic artists demonstrating their works, video games, and e-sports events, mobile games, board games, tabletop games and more.

ARCHcon Cebu celebrates 15th year, conducts press con for 2018 convention | Cebu Finest

ARCHcon 2018 Theme and Beneficiaries

Every year, ARCHcon Cebu comes with its own annual theme. Previous concepts were Retro Gaming in 2016, AzTech (a mixture of Aztec and Technology) in 2017. This year, ARCHcon Cebu’s theme is ARCHcana that centers on medieval and magic. The conception of this year’s theme is also to pay tribute to one of the late founders Mark Ranel who has shared his love and passion for role-playing games especially the Dungeons and Dragons.

Adapting the tagline “A con with a cause”, ARCHcon Cebu raises funds every year to support their charity of choice and outreach activities under the Blue Plate Project. The various competitions including gaming, art, and cosplay will help in showcasing the different communities with their respective beneficiaries such as Kythe Foundation as the official cosplay competition beneficiary.

The Cancervants (Cebu Chapter) will be the official art competition beneficiary and the DOTA Deaf-Mute Community as the official beneficiary for the gaming competition.

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Expectations are high for ARCHcon Cebu being the oldest and the biggest hobby convention event in Cebu City. On its 15th anniversary, ARCHcon Cebu promises to provide a quality and enjoyable experience, having something to offer for any age bracket or audience demographic.

The ARCHcon 2018 will be held this year from October 27-28, 2018, at the Oakridge Pavilion from 10 AM to 6 PM. The final program, sponsors, exhibitors and ticket price are in the works. For more details and other inquiries, you may contact ARCHcon Cebu’s Marketing Officer Kenneth Cagang at (+63 917) 717 6807) or join the official Facebook Page for further announcements.


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