How to avail an installment plan for Lazada if you don’t have a credit card

An installment plan is a method of paying for something in which the buyer pays part of the cost immediately and then makes small regular payments until the debt is completely paid. At Lazada Philippines, the leading online shop in the country, this payment plan is applicable for credit cardholders like BPI, Metrobank, and Citibank. Now, they have partnered with BillEase to make available installment payments for non-credit cardholders.

How to avail an installment plan for Lazada if you don't have a credit card | Cebu Finest
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How to avail an installment plan for Lazada if you don’t have a credit card

Lazada partners with BillEase to provide online shoppers with installment plan options that they can use in purchasing items if they don’t have credit cards. BillEase is an online and hassle-free shopping partner that allows non-credit cardholders to shop and pay at a later time. All they have to do is to submit an application form, wait for the approval, and once approved, they can get vouchers, which they can use for shopping in Lazada.

The application form would ask the potential shoppers the value of the Lazada item they wish to purchase up to ₱30,000 with a ₱500 to ₱1,500 cash-out payment to Lazada. Then, the remaining amount will be paid in installment terms of 1, 2, or 3 months.

During the application, Lazada online shoppers can even add a promo code for more affordable and flexible payment terms.

How to avail an installment plan for Lazada if you don't have a credit card | Cebu Finest
A sample application form and payment calculation at BillEase

BillEase: Blissful shopping. Easy billing.

Get your purchase now with the BillEase installment plan. Apply and receive approval after a few minutes to a maximum of 1 banking day.

It is 100% online. You can submit your application form anytime, even after banking hours and during weekends.

With its cost transparency promise to its customers, there are no hidden charges. Know exactly how much you are paying for the first step of the application.

Mode of Payments

BillEase will send customers a reminder in their e-mail a few days before the due date. The following will be the modes of payment:

The most convenient way to settle the payment is through payment requests. Two days before the due date, the BillEase system will send you a payment request which can be settled with a wallet free of charge. If you do not have a wallet, you can register here or settle it directly at 7/11, Cebuana, or MLhuillier branches with a small fee depending on the third-party channel partner.

This is the recommended mode of payment since it will automatically reflect in their system. Consequently, you will get a confirmation via SMS within minutes of making your payment.

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Another option to pay is through bank deposit or online transfer, which is free of charge (only if settled within the same bank). The payment made will not automatically reflect in their system, so make sure you email BillEase a copy of the deposit slip or a screenshot of your transfer.

The payment verification team will confirm your payment within the next banking day upon receiving your proof of payment. Note that transfers between different banks will incur a ₱200 transaction fee. Bank payments are accepted via BDO, BPI, and Security Bank.

Requirements to avail BillEase installment plan

The customer must be at least 18 years old and have a stable source of income. Also, BillEase will ask for documents like the latest proof of income, proof of billing, and one valid government ID to verify the information.

Examples of accepted proof of income: payslips, screenshots of bank transaction history, Upwork certificate of employment, Paypal transaction history, remittance slips, etc.

Examples of accepted proof of billing: Meralco bill (preferred), credit card bill, water bill, cable TV bill, postpaid plan bill, etc.

How to avail an installment plan for Lazada if you don't have a credit card | Cebu Finest
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If you would like to know more about BillEase, please contact them directly by calling their hotline at (02) 310 1303 or send them an email at for further inquiries. You can also have a chat with one of their agents by visiting their website.

Once you get approved, you will receive a voucher from BillEase and use it to purchase at Lazada Philippines. Visit BillEase today to learn more.

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