The best beaches you need to check out when you’re in Cebu

Conduct a survey on where Filipinos want to settle when they retire and you’ll surely read Cebu among the answers. More and more people are acknowledging the many things Cebu offers and just how it keeps getting better each year.

The best beaches you need to check out when you're in Cebu | Cebu Finest
Because the country has Cebu among its islands, it’s more fun in the Philippines! Pack your bags, learn some Bisaya, and book a flight to the sublime Cebu beaches.

The best beaches you need to check out when you’re in Cebu

For one, Cebu City offers the best of both worlds – the laidback province vibe and the industrialization. Second, you’d enjoy easy access to the best beaches in the world, North and South of the island. If you’re still unconvinced, check the statistics to see the remarkable increase in the number of people investing in a retirement house in Cebu.

Many Manileños fall in love with Cebu after experiencing the beautiful beaches. White sand, clear blue, and green waters, and hospitable locals always ready to help you enjoy your vacation – what more can you ask for? It doesn’t matter whether you go North or South because both are majestic. So, if you haven’t planned where to enjoy the sun this summer, the beaches in Cebu are definitely good ideas.

Here are nine (9) suggestions for that trip you haven’t planned yet:

San Remigio Beach Club

To say the three-hour travel from the city to San Remigio Beach Club is worth it would be an understatement. Many people choose this beach for their teambuilding for its beauty and accessibility. It wouldn’t be difficult to get there, thanks to the van for hires you can easily arrange.

Dalaguete Beach Park

This beach is located within the boundary of Dalaguete and Argao. Just like any other breathtaking, and best beaches in Cebu, this one offers tourist activities like snorkeling. However, it is among the few that allow you to try beach camping.

Sumilon Island

This is where you go if you want to experience swimming with whale sharks. Located in Oslob, South Cebu, Sumilon is the ideal destination for those looking for marine sanctuary adventure in the day, and a 4-star accommodation at night.

Camotes Island

How does fine white sand beach at Santiago bay in Camotes sound? What about diving at the cliffs at Buho Rock? If you’re still not sold, Camotes Island also features tours in the natural formations in the Timubo Cave and kayaking around Lake Danao.

Hidden Beach Aloguinsan

Not a fan of long drives? You may opt for Hidden Beach Aloguinsan instead. This paradise is only 2 hours away from the City – even shorter than your travel from Quezon City to your meeting in Makati, right? Facilities are also quite affordable.

The best beaches you need to check out when you're in Cebu | Cebu Finest

Lambug Beach

Tired of city life? Take a break and enjoy the long shoreline of Lambug beach while you hunt for seashells during low tide. This is best for families traveling with kids. Might as well see the Kawasan Falls when you’re in Lambug.

Malapascua Island

Open your Instagram and see the photos with geotags in Malapascua. This beautiful island is also a diving destination for tourists who want to encounter pelagic thresher sharks. It’s the only place in the world where you can dive with these 4m sea creatures with large tails.

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Tingko Alcoy

Why go mainstream when you can go to Tingko Alcoy in Cebu instead. This popular getaway located in Daan Lungsod is situated in a small, but deep lagoon across a coral island called Mabad-on Reef. It is completely submerged during high tide and exposed during low tide, separated only by a narrow channel from the mainland.

Bantayan Island

The best beaches you need to check out when you're in Cebu | Cebu Finest

Last, but not the least, is the already famous Bantayan Island. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to find itineraries online by visitors who fell in love with the Island. You can enjoy the place on a budget and even indulge in a campfire with your family or friends.

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Because the country has Cebu among its islands, it’s still definitely more fun in the Philippines. If at this point you haven’t been to either North or South Cebu, you’re missing a lot! So go, pack your bags, learn some Bisaya and book a flight. Cebu wouldn’t be called ‘Queen City of the South’ if not for a reason. Don’t forget the lechon and other Cebuano delicacies after enjoying the best beaches in Cebu!

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