Bo’s coffee Brews Up Heartwarming “Paskong Pinoy” Flavors for the Holidays

This holiday season, Bo’s Coffee, a beloved Filipino brand, is set to captivate taste buds and warm hearts with its exclusive “Paskong Pinoy” menu. Unveiling a limited-time offering that embodies the essence of Filipino Christmas, Bo’s Coffee introduces an array of seasonal delights that includes the perennial favorite Dark Mocha Macadamia Froccino.

Bo’s coffee Brews Up Heartwarming “Paskong Pinoy” Flavors for the Holidays | CebuFinest

Bo’s coffee Brews Up Heartwarming “Paskong Pinoy” Flavors for the Holidays

This year, they are introducing the Davao Tableya Series, paying homage to world-class local chocolate with Davao Tableya Mocha Froccino, Davao Tableya Iced Mocha and Davao Tableya Hot Mocha.

The holiday menu is thoughtfully complemented by traditional Paskong Pinoy treats, featuring Mini Bibingka in Original, Cream Chese, and UBe Cheese variants. Customers will surely enjoy the indulgent Bibingka Cheesecake, made with queso debola on a graham cracker crust, and the decadent Tableya Chocolate Cake, a moist and rich chocolate delight.

This year, they are introducing the Davao Tableya Series | CebuFinest

Steve Benitez, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Bo’s Coffee, explained how they came about creating the festive lineup.

“We wanted a holiday menu that not only delights the tastes buds but also resonates with the warmth and joy of a Filipino Christmas. Our Dark MOcha Macadamia Froccino, a returning favorite, is something our customers eagerly anticipate during this special time of the year.”

Paskong Pinoy at Bo's coffee.| CebuFinest

To kick-off the launch of the Paskong Pinoy menu and celebrate a successful year after post-pandemic challenges, Bo’s Coffee hosted a Salo-Salo and media thanksgiving at their flagship store in Capitol, Cebu. The event was attended by CEO Steve Benitez, SVP – Chief Operating Officer Rachel Fallarme, VP-Global Franchise Ivy Benatiro, and the operations and marketing team led by AVP – Director for Marketing Laine Vallar.

As a brand deeply rooted in Filipino pride, Bo’s Coffee consistently showcases Filipino flavors throughout the year. The menu features popular drinks like Iced Creamy Latte, Iced Caramel Latte, and Cold Whited Brew, all made with world- class Philippine coffee sourced from local farmers. The brand’s commitment to fairtrade supports coffee farmers across the Philippines, from Sagada and Benguet to Mt. Apo, Mt. Kitanglad, and Mt. Matutum.

Benitez emphasized, “Our advocay has always been putting the spotlight on Philippine Coffee Origins, believing that the taste, flavor, and quality of our coffee beans can compete on the world stage.”

Paskong Pinoy | CebuFinest

Bo’s Coffee, founded in Cebu in 1996, has expanded to over 130 branches nationwide and has growing presence in the global market, particularly in the Middle East. The company, known for its warm Filipino hospitality, has plans to open in two more countries soon.

In addition to its staple coffee offerings, Bo’s Coffee has diversified its menu to include not only pastries but also filling meals such as pastas, sandwiches, and cakes. Their coffee shops, designed with a distinct Filipino aesthetic, provide a relaxing ambiance, making them ideal spaces for study sessions and meetings.

Responding to market demand, Bo’s Coffee is actively expanding its presence in Metro Manila and NCR through franchising. The brand attributes its staying power to its world-class, high-quality homegrown coffee, served with the warmth of Filipino hospitality.

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Bo’s Coffee has also embraced the digital era, strengthening its online presence with robust e-commerce portals and partnerships with aggregator platforms.

For more information about them and its Paskong Pinoy offerings, visit and follow the brand on social media at Bo’s Coffee on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

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