Carcar warmly welcomes PrimeHomes to its city

Henaville Homes Carcar is the 6th and latest development of PrimeHomes Development Corporation (PrimeHomes). It is located in the historic city of Carcar and considered to be an attractive place to settle down, raise a family, learn about Cebuano culture, heritage, and religion but most importantly, Carcar City is a nice place to invest in.

Carcar warmly welcomes Primehomes to its city | Cebu Finest

Carcar warmly welcomes PrimeHomes to its city

The Henaville Homes Carcar is a BP220 Economic Housing Project with Socialized Housing Component infused in it. As a way to give back to the community, PrimeHomes Development Corporation allocated 19% or 44 units out of the 231 units as socialized housing – the current mandate is only 15%. The remaining 187 units will be of economic housing. The Socialized Housing unit will be a 2 storey townhouse, with lot area 30sqm and a floor area of 32sqm and is delivered with 1 toilet and bath and a provision for 2 bedrooms.

Home to the famous Carcar lechon, Bocarillo, thinly sliced and crispy banana chips, ampao and Chicharon, Carcar City is also home to a number of heritage houses such as the Yap Ancestral House, Mercado Ancestral House, and publicly opened Bahay na Tisa. Religious shrines such as the shrine of Archbishop Teofilo Camomot where the relics and artifacts of the late Archbishop are kept and the Teotokos Shrine (Greek for Mother of Greek) where the Dancing Sun can be seen from.

Carcar warmly welcomes Primehomes to its city | Cebu Finest
Carcar City Vice Mayor Hon. Nice Apurra led the Lowering of Time Capsule assisted by PrimeHomes Dev’t. Corp. President & CEO Mr. Benedict Que
Carcar warmly welcomes Primehomes to its city | Cebu Finest
(L-R) Mr. Harold Vince See, Business Development Manager of PrimeHomes Dev’t. Corp.; Hon. Joy Babao, Brgy Captain of Brgy Tuyom, Carcar City; Mr. Christopher Que, PrimeHomes Board of Director; Mr. Henry See, Vice President/CFO; Hon. Nice Apurra, Vice Mayor of Carcar City; Mrs. Alicia Que; Mr. Benedict Que, PrimeHomes President & CEO; and Mr. Melchor Rico, Project Site Head and Technical Manager

Meanwhile, the Economic Housing unit will be a 2 storey townhouse, with lot area ranging from 45sqm to 93sqm, and a floor area of 46sqm and is delivered with 1 car park, 1 toilet and bath and provision for 3 bedrooms. All units will be delivered semi-finished, meaning exterior will have finished paint coating, attractive exterior accessories, as well as a roof while the interior will have a smooth concrete floor finish, and walls initially painted white. There will be no room partitions to give flexibility to the buyer as to the desired sizes of the rooms.

Even if this is an Economic Housing, PrimeHomes introduced a 4.5km jogging path which is a first for an economic housing subdivision of this size in the Philippines. Just like all the developments of PrimeHomes, Henaville Homes Carcar boasts of having a wide and inviting entranceway, guardhouse, basketball court, multi-purpose hall, rentable stalls with parking, street lights, perimeter fence, underground water system, underground drainage system, segregated garbage area, and wastewater treatment facility.

More so, PrimeHomes will also be creating a 1.5km long drainage which the Barangay intends to tap into as an outfall for the Brgy. Tuyom Elementary School, Brgy. Tuyom High School, and Brgy. Tuyom Senior High School, upon the request of the Barangay and City officials.

Carcar warmly welcomes Primehomes to its city | Cebu Finest
PrimeHomes Dev’t. Corp. President & CEO Mr. Benedict Que delivered a message to the guests during the Groundbreaking of Henaville Homes Carcar

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PrimeHomes Development Corporation, therefore, is a developer with a conscious heart that listens and adheres to the needs of the community. It goes beyond what is being asked. The Vision of Primehomes is to be the leader in providing every Filipino an adorable, safe, decent, and nurturing place to live dream and its Mission is to efficiently develop quality, and affordable Housing services that is suitable to a range of needs, sustainable and attractive with a social conscience by seeking innovative solutions to people’s housing needs and support community efforts development plan.

For more information, you may visit their website at or contact PrimeHomes Development Corporation at (+63 917) 631 4709, (+63 32) 231 1501, (+63 32) 233 6952, or email at today. You may also visit their office at 3F The Forum Building, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.

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