Cebuano grade schoolers win 2nd place in World Adolescent Robotics Competition

A team of high school students from the Visayas successfully bags 2nd place as they represented the Philippines in the recent World Adolescent Robotics Competition (WARC).

Cebuano grade schoolers win 2nd place in World Adolescent Robotics Competition | Cebu Finest
From left to right; Jomar Cruz, head coach Techfactors Inc; Nicholas Amor, Sacred Heart Cebu; Charles Matther Ty, University of San Carlos South; Herven Morales, University of San Carlos North.

Cebuano grade schoolers win 2nd place in World Adolescent Robotics Competition

TechFactors Philippines, led by Coach Jomar Cruz, displayed amazing teamwork and one of a kind interschool collaboration between Sacred Heart Cebu and the University of San Carlos North and South in the competition after their two-week intensive preparation focused on programming, troubleshooting, and designing the robot.

Grade 10 Nicolas Francisco Amor acted as the team captain while Grade 7 Hernan Herven Morales and Charles Matthew Ty fulfilled the role of project manager and publicity manager.

WARC is an annual international robotics competition that aims to bring together future engineers and technology experts through engaging and collaborative competitions. 27 teams joined the competition representing 12 different countries including the Philippines.

The team was successful in breaking through eliminations and make it to the top 16 and finally placing 2nd out of the 27 teams who participated. This marked the Philippines on a global scale as a major contender in Robotics competition.

Techfactors’ advocacy in making learning a great experience continues as they offer innovative and advance Robotics modules and kits that help schools to prepare their students for the future. The Robotek Curriculum features a problem-based learning framework that promotes the development of the student’s 21st skills: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration to prepare them for the demands of the future learning and working environment.

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Founded in 2004 as advocacy to improve our country’s education system with the hope of developing world-class Filipino graduates who are ready for the 21st century and ready to compete in the global stage. Over the years, we have provided partners with innovation in education and technology and have engaged students, teachers, parents, and administrators in great learning experiences.

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