Meet Shania: A Cebuana in the fashion and modelling world abroad

It has become evident that Cebuanos or delegates who represented Cebu are now making waves into a glamorous world of modeling and fashion. Competitions from both the local scene and worldwide joined by women, like the former Ms. Earth 2008, Karla Henry, and Ms. Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell, are now in the spotlight.

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on this website last August 31, 2015. The response of our interviewee might not be relevant and current. However, we are hoping that you still enjoy our featured interview with young Cebuano-Belgian model, Shania Verbeurgt.

Men are also on their way to higher grounds when we talk about pageants and fashion. To name a few, Miguel Lasala, who made its way to the finals of Mr. Chinatown Philippines 2013, and a model of Bench Universe 2012, was born in Urgello, Cebu City. Cebuano-Irish fashion model, Daniel Marsh, who started his modeling career in Cebu City, is a familiar face on print and TV ads and now works as a host on television.

Meet Shania, A Cebuana in the fashion and modelling world abroad | Cebu Finest
Shania Verbeurgt, 12-years old is the winner of Top Model Belgium Kids 2015 [Photo credit: Shania Verbeurgt on Facebook]

But today, we would like to share with you a story about a 12-year old Filipina-Belgian who recently won a modeling competition abroad. Her name is Shania Verbeurgt and she is the new Top Model Belgium Kids 2015 winner. We have the opportunity to do an online interview with her and this is her story.

Introduce yourself by telling us something about your personal background like the place of birth, where did you grow up, where did you attend school, age and your current work?

I’m Shania Verbeurgt. I was born in Belgium on 14 August 2002. My mum is a Filipino and dad is Belgian. I am an only child, I studied in a Catholic School and spent free time outdoors. I love playing my guitar and singing, travels with my parents and also fashion.

Knowing that you are more involved in modeling, what made you decide to join Top Model Belgium Kids 2015?

It was actually for fun when I did the casting last year summer of 2014 and it was the idea of my mum.

What challenges did you encounter when you joined the competition? What life lessons did you learn from the experience?

The challenges I encountered was to conquer the thousands of kids (ages 9 to 13) who did the casting all over Belgium. The life lessons that I have learned during the competition is to be humble, and be yourself; remembering that beauty is inside.

What is your favorite food from Cebu? And why did you like it very much?

My fave foods are buwad bulinaw, isawsaw sa suka with tomatoes, buwad pinikasLami jud kaayo! Must see me eating these! I also love chowfan rice, lumpia, pancit, grilled squid, and most of all, I love Jollibee! I can eat it every day. They are all so yummy! Sad to say, we do not have it here in Belgium.

Meet Shania, A Cebuana in the fashion and modelling world abroad | Cebu Finest
Shania during the Top Model Belgium Kids 2015 Awards Night [Photo credit: Shania Verbeurgt on Facebook]

As someone whose parent is from the Visayas (Cebu), can you still speak the local dialect fluently?

Not really. Gamay lang. Though I am raised with 3 languages: American-English, Bisaya-Filipino, and my mother tongue is Dutch-Belgian. Now, I am learning French at school, since French is our second language in Belgium. At home, I speak English with my parents.

Congratulations on winning the Top Model Belgium Kids 2015. What will be your upcoming projects?

Thank you so much! I will have photoshoots abroad soon, I can’t say yet where. And I am working together with The People Choice Belgium. I study and play guitar when I was 9 and I’m planning to transfer & enroll to another music school to have a private lesson to improve my voice and pursue a singing career, form a music band in the future. My studies are my priorities! I am only 13 today, we will see and wait what’s next.

Meet Shania, A Cebuana in the fashion and modelling world abroad | Cebu Finest
[Photo credit: Shania Verbeurgt on Facebook]

When was the last time you have visited Cebu? Can you share a story to us of your memories here?

My first visit was when I was 1 year old and when I turned 5. At age 6, I was attending Grade 1, so, I could not make it anymore due to my studies. The last time when I was in Cebu was last January 2012. So many memories, like hanging out with families, eating Lechon during parties, going Jollibee almost every day, playing with my cousins, going to gorgeous beach resorts and swimming all day long, shopping in Ayala & SM, and I miss the mangoes. So many memories.

When we say “Cebu”, what comes first to mind? And why? And If you’re given the chance to travel to Cebu, let’s say tomorrow, where would you go first?

My family! It’s nice to see them back! To Compostela, Cebu of course! That’s where my mum came from.

Your best Sinulog Festival experience? When was that? Do you have plans visiting Cebu and experience Sinulog in the coming years?

I was there in Cebu during the Sinulog 2012 I was only 9. I remembered we were at Santo Nino Basilica Church, attending mass; we prayed and lit some candles. It was over populous. I hope I can celebrate by next year in 2016.

If someone from Belgium (who was not able to visit Cebu yet) would ask you about Cebu, what would you tell them and how would you describe Cebu?

That Cebu has a gorgeous beach in the world. I also suggest it if they want to go shopping. And also, I told them that the most beautiful guitar can be bought in Mactan, Cebu. I bought my first ever guitar from there.

Meet Shania, A Cebuana in the fashion and modelling world abroad | Cebu Finest
[Photo credit: Shania Verbeurgt on Facebook]

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Yes, I have a Facebook page. It’s

Click here to join Shania’s Facebook Page.

Hello, CebuFinest readers! I am forever a Cebuana. It’s just the beginning of my career and I hope you will support me on my journey as a Cebuana Filipino-Belgian model. For more of my updates, please like my Facebook page and keep reading for more updates, they are the best!

Thank you so much and God bless you and your family!

I could not wait anymore for my next visit to Cebu in 2016 and would love to meet up all my friends and fans! See you soon… XoXo Shania

== would like to thank our dearest Shania and her family for letting us do an online interview with her and for the time she spent to answer our questions and create the dedication video.

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