Dare to go intense with Parkmall Fitness Race Challenge

Join the Parkmall Fitness Race Challenge, an obstacle race that will test your stamina, agility, strength, and speed. Dare to go intense on September 25 at 11AM.

Dare to go intense with Parkmall Fitness Race Challenge | Cebu Finest

Calling all fitness enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies! Dare to go intense for Parkmall’s Fitness Race Challenge. Gather your squad of 5 active members for this obstacle race and get a chance to win cash prizes worth ₱10,000 if your team ends up the winner.

Parkmall Fitness Race Challenge Mechanics

1) This competition is open to all fitness enthusiasts.

2) Registration should be by teams. Each team must be composed of five members, ages 21-40 years old. Members may be of any sex.

3) Registration is from August 15, 2016, until September 19, 2016, at the Parkmall Concierge desk. A registration fee of ₱750 per team must be given upon signing up. Teams must sign the waiver upon registration.

4) All teams are encouraged to have their own uniform with the Parkmall Fitness logo on their shirts or singlets. A special prize will be given to the team with the best uniform.

5) The game is generally an obstacle race that will test the participant’s stamina, agility, strength, and speed.

– There will be non-sequential checkpoints in and around Parkmall, with a challenge card in every check-point. The teams must face a variation of easy, difficult and fun challenges that will test their ability to cooperate with one another under psychological, emotional or physical stress.
– All the teams will have the same starting point, which will be at the Piazza Rotunda to perform a certain physical challenge before they can proceed to the designated checkpoints.
– The objective of the game is to successfully go through all checkpoints in the shortest time possible.

6) The three teams with the shortest time will receive cash and other prizes.
– Parkmall Fitness Race Challenge Champion = ₱10,000.00
– 1st Runner Up = ₱7,000.00
– 2nd Runner Up = ₱5,000.00

7) All participating teams are requested to attend the orientation for the complete race details days before the event day.

8) All participants must abide by the rules and regulations set by the organizers.

9) In the case of any discrepancy, the Parkmall Management will have the final decision.

For more details about this event, follow the Parkmall Facebook Page.

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