Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh

We were able to feature one of the boys from Island Media Asia last year. Michael McDonnell, a Filipino-Canadian from Bohol gave us so much of his time to reply to our questions and our gratitude for his kind gesture was, and still is overflowing. Now, it’s time to know another member of the same social media group, whose roots came straight from the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Let’s all get to know more about Daniel Marsh.

Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh | Cebu Finest
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Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on this website last September 17, 2014. The response of our interviewee might not be relevant and current. However, we are hoping that you still enjoy our featured interview with Cebuano-Irish model from Argao, Cebu, and YouTuber, Daniel Marsh.

We have given this half Cebuano and half Irish model, TV personality, and YouTuber, some questions to answer through online. And at last, he already responded. I hope you enjoy it!

Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh | Cebu Finest
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Introduce yourself by telling us something about your personal backgrounds like the place of birth, where did you grow up, where did you attend school, your age, and your current work?

My Name is Daniel Marsh. I was Born in Dublin, Ireland, on May 12, 1989. I attended school in Scoil Mhuire Clane Co Kildare, Ireland. I am 25 years old, and I am currently a host and actor for TV5. [I’m] a videographer and host for my co-owned channel and production company, Island Media Asia.

Knowing that you are more involved in modeling, what made you decide to also engage in video making/filming on YouTube?

When I was modeling, there was a lot of time off in between jobs. Modeling also gave us the opportunity to travel across vast portions of the Philippines and experience and immerse ourselves within each provincial culture. After a number of years, we decided we should document our endeavors in an entertaining light as half Filipinos re-experiencing a new culture which means so much to us. But, also showcasing the difficulty’s adopting along the way.

I would like to add, that we are in essence a Filipino culture of our own. So many half Filipinos are here now and so many chose to stay because they love this country; so many opportunities as a young adult here seem so much more enticing than back home, not just about finances but actual happiness and quality of life. We really intended to showcase that light as well.

What challenges did you encounter when you started having the separate line of works (modeling and video making), as well as now appearing on national television?

Time management is a big one. It is very difficult to try and manage time for all the necessary pursuits in life, as well as managing my own career.

Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh | Cebu Finest
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When you were younger, were you challenged to blend into people here in the Philippines in terms of language, food, lifestyle? Or is it otherwise since you’re half Filipinos?

When I was younger, I grew up in Ireland and I was quite accepted into Irish culture. I believe that has an important part to play in my personality now.

You have been into traveling as a concept of your videos/films. What experience would you like to share with us that is worth remembering?

Palawan. It was an amazing experience as we had to tape so much in such a short space of time. We got to see so many beautiful places, and we were truly lucky to have been given the opportunity.

As someone whose parent is from Cebu, can you still fluently speak the local dialect?

Gamay lang dong uy! Haha, pero mas magaling ako sa Tagalog ngayon kasi tagal na ako dito sa Manila. Pero, I still will never lose my Cebuano charm. I really love Cebu as it is my chill-out zone and it is the province where I started out.

With Island Media Asia, and since conflict is somehow normal mostly “with the boys”, what one thing that is most difficult to handle? How did you handle the situation?

We hold no grudges and delegate tasks effectively. That way, what gets done is what’s needed. If we can’t handle it, we don’t do it.

When was the last time you have visited Cebu? Can you share a story with us of your memories here?

Well, Cebu is my mom’s province. I first came to the Philippines in Cebu. It was my first impression. I love the relaxed vibe of Cebu, and even now, as I type this answer, I do miss it. I try to go back as often as possible as my family [is] there.

As a fashion model (print and runway), what’s your craziest experience with your avid fans?

Davao mall tour crowd mobbed us! Haha!

When we say “Cebu”, what comes first to mind? And why?

My mom. She’s so special to me. She is my connection to the Philippines and most importantly, in Cebu.

Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh | Cebu Finest
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If you’re given the chance to travel to Cebu, let’s say tomorrow, where would you go first?

Argao. To my family’s home.

Your best Sinulog Festival experience? When was that? Do you have plans to visit in 2015?

I do indeed, shoot videos. The best experience for Sinulog is walking from SM Cebu to Fuente Osmena ‘cos I was new in town and didn’t know that time what Sinulog was. Haha!

You being half Filipinos (most especially a Cebuano), how do people react when they found out you can still speak Bisaya?

Always shocked, but always happy to see we know the language 🙂 Especially if there are ‘Bisdaks’ living in Manila. They would expect me to at least know Tagalog. But never Tagalog. Haha! I did have one episode where I was in Hong Kong and I had this girl who said something quite flattering about me in Bisaya, and I replied, ‘Daghan salamat day ha. Maayong buntag ug paga amping ka ha.’ She was extremely shocked.

If someone from Manila (who was not able to visit Cebu yet) would ask you about Cebu, what would you say and how would you describe it?

Getting to know Island Media Asia (Part 2): Daniel Marsh | Cebu Finest
[Photo credit: YouTube]

Simple, city infrastructure shopping and everything on par with any other capital cities yet without the hectic traffic and so near to the beach mountains and beautiful landscapes; a chilled-out paradise. I love it so much.

That’s the end of our online interview with Daniel Marsh. We hope you have had a great time reading our post as much as we did.

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Read the Part 1 of this series: our interview with Michael McDonnell.

We would like to thank Daniel for letting us interview him and for giving us extra time to answer the questions. We appreciate that you have given us this opportunity. And to Michael for helping us with this.

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