Chroma Hospitality Inc. introduces guidelines for intensified cleaning standards across Crimson and Quest hotels

Chroma Hospitality Inc., the management company of Crimson Hotels and Resorts and Quest Hotels and Resorts in the Philippines introduces its intensified cleaning guidelines to ensure guest safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with “Culture of Clean”.

Chroma Hospitality Inc. introduces guidelines for intensified cleaning standards across Crimson and Quest hotels | Cebu Finest

Chroma Hospitality Inc. introduces guidelines for intensified cleaning standards across Crimson and Quest hotels

Country Manager of Chroma Hospitality Inc. James Montenegro, shared that “As we gear up our hotels and prepare for the new era of travel during this pandemic, we have created intensified guidelines for sanitation and cleanliness to make our guests feel secure when staying in any Crimson or Quest hotel.”

The new Culture of Clean

The Culture of Clean was created to elevate the customer’s evolving expectations and answer the worries for frequent travelers during this pandemic. Guests can expect a seamless and safe welcome to any Crimson or Quest hotel starting from the airport pick- up and during their actual stay with these enhanced safety standards:

Enhanced Guest Experience

As soon as guests arrive in the airport and proceed to the hotel vehicles, each vehicle will have customized driver-passenger partitions to ensure safe distancing and will also include upgraded amenities for guests such as hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wet wipes.

The hotel chauffeur will show guest a QR code which will inform guests of the new processes such as express check-in, a new limit of guests per elevator, enhanced room sanitation, and more.

When guests arrive in their hotels, all guests will undergo thermal scanning and a sanitizing footbath mat will be visible in all entry points to ensure that no viruses are carried inside the hotels.

There will be UV sanitizers which will be used to disinfect and sanitize all guest luggage before it is delivered to the guest room.

During the check-In process, an express check-in service will offer the convenience of a more efficient check-in, minimal guest-staff interaction, and less congestion at the lobby. With the enhanced focus on sanitation, all front office counters in any Crimson or Quest hotel will be sanitized regularly.

Chroma Hospitality Inc. introduces guidelines for intensified cleaning standards across Crimson and Quest hotels | Cebu Finest

Elevated Room Sanitation

All the guest rooms will be disinfected and will remain empty for 24 hours after thorough cleaning and disinfection before accepting another guest to check-in. The Housekeeping associates will wear personal protective equipment as part of their regular uniform and will ensure that high traffic areas such as elevators, handrails, doorknobs are regularly sanitized and disinfected every two hours.

Guests will also be at ease as the hotels implement sanitized tags placed in areas in the room including glassware. Even the toilet bowls will now be tagged with the sanitized label. Electrostatic sprays will be used around the hotels to sanitize rooms and public areas and aside from this, a UV bulb will be installed in the room lamp while cleaning as an added sanitization measure, the regular light bulb will be placed back once finished. After these safety measures are done, no one will be allowed to enter the room and a sanitized seal will be placed on the door.

As an option for guests, they will now be able to choose from housekeeping options of full service where the room will be fully made up or partial-service where only the bathroom will be cleaned.

Another added amenity that guests can expect is sanitary kits which will include a hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and a QR code which they can scan to get Coronavirus Disease Prevention guidelines.

Upgraded Food and Beverage Practices

To implement the elevated sanitation guidelines in the Crimson and Quest hotels’ dining outlets, the following will be the new normal:

  • Strict social distancing will be followed by the hotel associates with guests.
  • Automatic dispensers of hand sanitizers will be seen in public areas for easy access to all guests.
  • Tables will be reduced to ensure social distancing and have a maximum of four persons for every 10 sqm.
  • Condiments such as salt and pepper will be in single-use sachets.
  • Germicidal ultra-violet light system will be installed to disperse floating virus particles.
  • Buffet set up will be restricted by discontinuing self-service keeping in mind the safety of both guests and hotel associates.

Chroma Hospitality reassures its guests and associates that their safety is and will always be the top priority even more during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We assure our guests that the hotels are ready with its new Culture of Clean, our strict sanitation protocols are set to welcome everyone into a safe and sanitized hotel as soon as we are all allowed to travel again,” as stated by Mr. Montenegro.

Chroma Hospitality Inc. introduces guidelines for intensified cleaning standards across Crimson and Quest hotels | Cebu Finest

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